Winter Release: upcoming breaking changes

While our winter release of ADAM 5.8 is still weeks away, we'd already like to give you a heads up of the main breaking changes, so you can check whether this impacts your implementations.

Functionality changes

  • The video preview player will no longer use Silverlight. In previous versions of ADAM, it was possible to play videos which were generated using something other than H264 (which can be used for additional files, as well as the 'high res' file). These videos can no longer be played inside the browser because support for Silverlight is dropped. For previews, a maintenance job will need to be run that regenerates previews with the 5.7/5.8 settings (H264 preview files). Non-H264 videos that are stored as additional files can no longer be played within the browser.

Architectural and API changes

  • SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will no longer be officially supported.

  • The Media Engine Host services (both 32-bit and 64-bit) will be removed.

  • The PowerCollections namespace in the Core API will be reimplemented to be more in-line with collections that were added in recent .NET framework versions.
    - The following classes will be marked obsolete for removal in a coming version:
        • OrderedDictionary: SortedList can be used instead.
        • OrderedBag: C5.TreeBag can be used instead.
        • Set: HashSet can be used instead.
    - The following classes still exist and have been reimplemented:
        • Pair.
        • MultiDictionary. This collection will no longer support duplicate values for a single key.
    - The following classes will be removed:
        • Triple: Tuple can be used instead.
        • ReadOnlyDictionary: the same class in System.Collections.ObjectModel can be used instead.
    - The Algorithm class will only have the following methods left: SearchForSubsequence, EqualCollections, EqualSets and SplitInBatches. Others have been removed.
    - All other types and methods not mentioned will be removed because they were not used in any ADAM studio. These include: Bag, BigList, Comparers, Deque, Hash, OrderedMultiDictionary, OrderedSet, RedBlack and any other ReadOnly* wrappers.


Feel free to reach out if you have questions concerning any of these changes.

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