Products 4.5 Release Notes

Products version 4.5



  • Compatibility
    Products 4.5 is now compatible with ADAM 5.7

  • Compatibility with the ADAM content model
    Installing Products will provide two new content types: Product and Catalog. Upgrading Products will make sure older product records and catalog classifications are correctly typed.
    New products and catalogs created through Products will automatically be saved as the correct content type. This is a first step in making sure Products can be modified safely from any API or ADAM. For previous Products versions, you always had to update Products through the PIMS API.

  • Products REST API 
    All existing REST API operations are now supported on products and catalogs, through the same endpoints as ADAM itself.
    In this first release, there are some limitations on product inheritance. When creating a child product through the REST API, fields will automatically be inherited from the parent. If a field value has been explicitly specified, it will be automatically flagged as overruled. Explicit overrule or reset actions aren't available yet. The REST API also doesn't guarantee complete up-to-date information yet. After creating a new child product, it might take some time for the values of inherited fields to be available through REST. Products will still work as before.


  • The following fields are now Record Content Type Dependent fields instead of Record Classification Dependent fields:
    • PIMS_ProductLabel
    • PIMS_ProdImages
    • PIMS_ParentProd
    • PIMS_ProductCat
    • PIMS_ProdInhInfo
  • These fields are now always set on product records, meaning that you can't change these fields on a per-site level. If you're upgrading from a previous version and are using multi-sites in Products, please contact ADAM Support or Expert Services.
  • The PIMS_CategoryTypeField setting has been deprecated, meaning you can no longer set up a different field per site. It has been replaced by the content type property.


  • Using a record Id or a classficiation Id in workflow activities no longer uses a search expression to retrieve the product or aspect

  • When upgrading from an earlier version to Products 4.5, the existing products records are
    converted to a new content type "Product"

  • During the upgrade, all classifications that contained "Catalog" as field value in the PIMS_CategoryType field will be automatically converted to content type Catalog

  • Products is now compatible with Workflow XSRF


  • 7199
    It was not possible to register a custom order.

  • 9457, 9713
    No products were shown when Sort order of child products on category was set to Sortindex.

  • 9457, 9675
    When setting the value for Sort order of child products on the Category to SortIndex and hiding the filter panel, no products were displayed and you were unable to re-show the the filter panel.

  • 9487, 9458
    Some UI element would show the unicode character representation instead of the actual special character.

  • 9832
    When a search is performed with the option Show child products/aspects selected, a warning was shown that "The requested product form view template is not accessible", because the template to use was not resolved correctly.

  • 9968
    The properties CreatedOnLocal and ModifiedOnLocal were not translatable when used in columns in panelConfiguration

  • The Mosaic widget was not interpreting search expressions correctly causing the View more
    link to not behave as expected.

  • The Video preview dialog could not be closed until the video had finished playing in full

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