Important news for Products customers upgrading to ADAM 5.7

One of the features that we are introducing in ADAM 5.7 is something that we call a Content Model. The idea behind the Content Model is to make dealing with records more user friendly (for end users, content administrators, developers as well as administrators). It is built on top of records and helps to assign a meaning and a schema to a record. More information about that feature will be coming soon! But, this post is actually to discuss an implication of this feature.

In ADAM 5.7 we will release the first version of this Content Model feature but unfortunately this functionality is not compatible with Product’s ability to support multi-tenancy through sites. It does not mean by the way that multi-site support in Products won’t work at all anymore. Specifically only the following fields are impacted: PIMS_ProductLabel, PIMS_ProdImages, PIMS_ParentProd, PIMS_ProductCat and PIMS_ProdInhInfo.

With this article, I would like to call out to all customers who are doing multi-tenancy through sites in Products to not upgrade to ADAM 5.7 just yet and to contact ADAM beforehand instead. We will then work together to ensure there is a road towards ADAM 5.7 that is as smooth as possible.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at

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