ADAM 5.5.2 Release Notes

ADAM version 5.5.2



  • General: Critical hot fixes for ADAM 5.5.1


  • A new optional parameter ForceRebuild has been added to the REST POST /setup call. When set to true it forces a rebuild/repair of all REST related structure elements in ADAM, such as settings, setting categories, etc.

  • When you use near-online file storage as an ADAM file store (or if the speed of the file storage is slower than that of the average network share) adding a new file to a record will be much faster now.


  • 9131: Field changes were not saved when the field definition had the 'logChanges' flag set

  • 9223 : When upgrading a single-server environment the ElasticSearch node was removed

  • 9223 : When upgrading the ADAM REST API in some cases the Adam.Rest.Server.exe.config file wasn't upgraded properly

  • 9223 : When some REST-related settings were deleted or corrupted, they weren't repaired during the upgrade process

  • 9226 : It was not possible to upgrade an ADAM Azure environment

  • 9251 : Changes were made to prevent issues caused by Microsoft discontinuing CLR assemblies support

  • 9242 : Older versions of ADAM sometimes invalidated the classification cache, which caused problems when upgrading

  • 9286 : Searching for a file using a search expression containing a FileSize value larger than 2GB resulted in an error

  • 9348 : Some instances of the word "list" were wrongfully replaced by "collection" in the REST Developer Guide

  • 9313 : Removing a user from a User List Field caused a DocumentMissingException

  • 9297 : Record link fields didn't synchronize correctly to enterprise search when records were deleted

  • 9389 : When creating a classification and setting an identifier for that classification, the 'edit permissions' button no longer worked due to the custom identifier in the URL instead of the classification GUID. A custom identifier was not supported by the Permissions editor page.



  • A multi-threading issue in the ADAM REST API could result in failed requests, inconsistent replies, ServerRegistrationExceptions and other possible errors

  • The ADAM Service user did not have sufficient access rights on both the ADAM database and the ADAM Licensing Database when using SQL authentication

  • Processing changes by the synchronization service was too slow because of the way the RecordClassificationsCache and classificationTreeSecurity cache were used

  • Equality synonyms were not working correctly with multi-word search terms 

  • In Internet Explorer or Edge it wasn't possible to edit an existing field definition because the Save button stayed disabled

Known issues

  • When upgrading an ADAM on Azure, you cannot use the Upgrade server option in the installer wizard. After running the installer, you have to run the UpgradeServer command manually to upgrade the ADAM environment.

    See Run UpgradeServer for more information on how to do this.

    In a multi-server environment this operation only has to be done once, all additional servers can be upgraded from within the installation wizard.

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