ADAM 5.6 Release notes

ADAM version 5.6



  • New Upload widget on the Assets and Central home pages
    The ADAM Assets home page can now contain a new widget to upload files. This widget can also be added to the ADAM Central homepage. This widget also gives direct access to the Uploaded files overview page.

  • Migration to Azure
    Migrating your existing ADAM environment from an on-premises installation to Azure has now been facilitated.

  • New field data type: text list field
    Allows you to create fields that can store multiple text values, e.g. to store keywords. It features autocomplete, which allows you to quickly enter and delete values, each of which can be used individually as a search suggestion.

  • Improved Videos support
    ADAM offers 2 new video formats: MP4 and WebM. In addition to storing files of these types in ADAM, you can now also trancode other video files to either of these two formats by downloading and providing the desired format, quality and resolution. When uploading videos using the multiple file upload, ADAM automatically recognizes the record as a video and it is shown as such in the ADAM Assets UI.


  • ETL: an early release of the ETL functionality in ADAM, limited to the importing of catalogs, categories and aspect categories into ADAM Products 
    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > ETL

  • REST: Searches done by a REST client can now also included in the Search log, using a new boolean search query parameter LogRequest.

  • REST: Added support for the new Transcode video order action 

  • REST: Added support for the new Change Content type maintenance action
    For more information, see the ADAM REST API documentation

  • Auto-login is now possible when using claims-based authentication. This directs users automatically to the authentication service when they want to log on to ADAM, without seeing the ADAM login page.
  • Uploading files: The button on the Uploaded files overview in ADAM Assets was changed from Make public to Make available to more appropriately reflect its behavior: making an uploaded file available to other users, without breaching any security rules.
    See the Assets Help > Uploading files for more information

  • Cloud: The migration of an existing ADAM environment from on-premises to Azure has now been facilitated
    See the ADAM Installation Guide > Migrate ADAM to Azure for more information

  • In ADAM System, the All file types overview table now has 2 new columns:
    Name: to distinguish between file types with the same label, since the Name property has to be unique
    Created by: to show the origin of the file type, created by an ADAM user or added through the ADAM installer
    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > File types > Creating and modifying file types

  • There are 2 new actions for downloading images:
    The actions replace DownloadResized and DownloadCustomResized but are otherwise unchanged.
    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > UI Configuration in ADAM studios > Configuring action menus for records and collections

  • New appsetting section is added the to the web.config file for ADAM Assets, ADAM System and ADAM Central. This setting is enabled by default and protects against XSRF (Cross-site request forgery) vulnerabilities.
    <add key="adam.features.web.xsrf" value="enabled" />

  • New field data type: Text List
    This field can be configured to store multiple textual values, e.g. keywords. It supports all generic properties of a field definition. No data-type specific information is configurable.

    * The Text List field supports references. If the reference returns a delimited list of values, these will automatically be split into separate items.
    * The Text List field is searchable using free text searches as well as search expressions
    * The Text List field can only be added to Record Content field scopes
    * The Text list field is available in ADAM Assets and Products
    * Entering data into a text list field will give you text completion suggestions. These suggestions are not security aware, and will provide suggestions based on values in this field for other records.
    * A new Text List field facet is available to filter on the text list values.

    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > Fields > Text List Fields

  • Video support
    * During the installation of ADAM 5.6 or after an upgrade from a previous version to ADAM 5.6, two new video file types are installed: WebM and MP4 
    * 3 new actions for downloading videos:

    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > UI configuration inADAM studios > Download configuration for videos

    * There are 2 new settings for downloading videos:
        .downloadOrderPresets: to configure video download presets
        .customDownloadOrderOptions: to configure the options that should be available for custom video download orders

    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > UI configuration in ADAM studios > Download configuration for videos

    * There is a new order target action for ordering transcoded videos:
       TranscodeVideoOrderTargetAction in the .registeredOrderTargetActions setting

    *  A new property was added to Records: ContentType this is used to differentiate between records and videos

    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > The basics of ADAM > Content types in ADAM

    * The Assets menu has a new entry for creating a new video, there are no rules applied to limit which file types can be uploaded.

    For more information, see the ADAM AssetsHelp > Creating new videos

    * On any overview page in ADAM Assets - homepage, Browse, Collections and Spaces - you can see immediately which records are of content type video thanks to the label 'Video' and the corresponding extension in brackets, e.g. MP4, avi, WebM, ...
    * Records of content type Video are findable when doing a full text search for video
    * When creating an indexer you can set the Content type to Record or Video. During indexing, ADAM will automatically index the files in the source locations as records or as records of type video.

    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > Indexer > Creating and modifying indexers

    * You can create a maintenance job and add the new action Change content type to it, in order to change the content type in bulk

    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > Maintenance > Creating a maintenance job

    * The action Adam.Web.AssetStudio.Actions.ChangeContentType can be added to action settings to facilitate changing the content type without submitting a maintenance job


  • ADAM 5.6 no longer supports the Microsoft Expression Encoder media engine.

  • ADAM 5.6 is now only compatible with this version of the FFmpeg media engine: build 20160517-git-af3e944 of commit af3e944


  • The EULA (End User License agreement) was updated for ADAM 5.6

  • In order to make the distinction clear with the new settings for downloading videos, the following 2 actions have been deprecated and are automatically updated:
    Adam.Web.Extensions.Providers.Actions.DownloadResized becomes ... ResizedImage and
    Adam.Web.Extensions.Providers.Actions.DownloadCustomResized becomes ...CustomResizedImage

  • There is a new system setting: .fileExtensionsToContentTypeMapping. It sets the content type of the records that are created during multiple file upload

  • The top 5 search results are now sorted on relevancy, then on created on as a secondary parameter

  • REST API: you can now create a parent and its child classification in the same request

  • REST API: you can now log in with an external Identity Provider using the OAuth/OIDC protocol and JWT


  • 7267, 7621, 8398
    When clicking the View more... link in the Recently added records widget on the Assets home page, you didn't see an overview of the recently added records, sorted on Newest.

  • 7892, 8408, 9555
    Fixed an issue causing the wrong sort order to be used until the first time a user had selected a different sort order

  • 8437, 8514, 8841
    Fixed a cross-site request forgery (CSRF/XSRF) vulnerability issue in Assets, System and Central.

  • 8688, 8735
    When refreshing the RecordSecurityCache performance was very slow.

  • 8514, 8841
    Fixed vulnerabilities to reflected Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

  • 8756, 9258
    An issue prevented the initialization of the watermark chooser on a record page in Assets.

  • 8772
    An issue made it possible to add the help text No matching items found to the Selected collections column, when adding records to a collection.

  • 8889
    A cache issue caused the file count for individual files on a record to not be updated when an other file on the same record was deleted.

  • 8895, 8899
    A cache issue caused records to remain in a collection after they had been removed from said collection.

  • 8986
    In some cases the classification tree facet sent a request to the server twice.

  • 9093, 9106
    The Select all button would select all records in a collection even if the collection was filtered to show a subset of records.

  • 9027
    Old facet values were restored when refreshing a page, even if the values were cleared by closing the filter panel

  • 9082
    The Select all button didn't work after filtering results using the Search within text filter.

  • 9090
    It was impossible to expand the details when inspecting user permissions.

  • 9127
    When downloading a file of 0 bytes, a 400 HTTP status (bad request) would be thrown.

  • 9298
    A cache refresh issue with the RecordClassificationsCache caused removed classifications to not be updated.
    A cache refresh gap could occur in cross-process cache refreshing.

  • 9346
    An issue in the ADAM back-button behavior on the selection page caused the current selection to be incorrectly loaded after the selection was cleared and you navigated back to the selection page
  • 9393
    Text field facets on fields with storage mode 'All' no longer generate an error when they have to be displayed for records that have no value set on that field

  • 9396
    Creating a new field definition from Members popup of Create new field group screen will no longer give a 404

  • 9420, 9484
    An issue with the ClassificationHelper.GetChildIds() method caused very bad performance on classification-based facets by producing a large amount of database queries.

  • 9440
    When copy collection to selection was executed from the collections overview page, the dialog did not get closed properly


  • The password input field in the Upgrade Server part of the install wizard was a plain text field instead of a proper password field

  • An installer issue caused REST not to install properly when run in silent mode

  • REST API: the Home endpoint now requires the Accept header, Auth endpoint no longer does

  • REST API: when supplying multiple languages in the Accept-Language ASP.NET predefined header, only the first language was taken into account

  • REST couldn't be removed/repaired if exe.config was missing/malformed

  • Command line tools that asked to restart the ADAM services didn't restart the ADAM REST service along with the others

  • When upgrading from ADAM 5.4, the widgets with Site scope were not correctly upgraded

  • Fixed config files were not correctly copied when upgrading ADAM using the silent installer

  • DatabaseLogListener.Write didn't correctly catch SQL server exceptions when the error message was empty

  • Saved Views were not sorted correctly when sorting by Last Activity

  • Fixed an issue causing the preview generation of a non-existing frame to fail when the video is shorter than the time specified at which to create the preview. In case the video is too short no preview will be generated, this event is logged in the catalog action log as well as the application log.

  • The ADAM Developer Guide incorrectly listed CreatedBy.Name in '"Pete","Laura","James"' as a valid example for searching for records.

  • The synchronization service failed with a null point reference exception when a record was linked to another record, which had been deleted, but for which the deletion was not yet synchronized with the search index.

  • The search box action "Inspect classification permissions per user" was missing a translation.

  • A server-side change prevented the creation of new ADAM databases on Azure SQL.

  • The release notes of ADAM 5.5 were missing information about bug fixes released in hot fixes for previous versions of ADAM. This list have been added to the 5.5 release notes which are included in the Release Notes for ADAM 5.6.
    For more information, see ADAM 5.6 Release Notes > Release notes ADAM 5.5 > Fixed bugs not in original release notes.

  • The release notes of ADAM 5.5.1 were missing a few bug fixes. This list have been added to the 5.5.1 release notes which are included in the Release Notes for ADAM 5.6.
    For more information, see ADAM 5.6 Release Notes > Release notes ADAM 5.5.1 > Fixed bugs not in original release notes.


  •  When activating a database on Azure SQL, you can't use the database administrator as serviceSqlUser. Create a new user to do this.


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    Mary Mcmahon

    When assets are sorted by relevancy, what are the criteria that make one asset more relevant than another? Is this something that is configurable?

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    Mary Mcmahon

    With text list fields, is there a way through settings, or other non-development work to change the options available in the "Select an action" dialog for creating record jobs? With text fields, you can overwrite, replace, and append--- all of which are valuable actions to have. With the text list field, the only option is to overwrite. 

    This limited functionality makes it impossible to perform bulk updates to a single value in the text list field, resulting in a loss of productivity when correcting field values one by one, or living with incorrect data in the system.

    If it's not possible without development work to add this functionality back in, is this something that ADAM considers adding back in for a near future release?