Products 4.3.1 Release Notes

Products version 4.3.1



  •  Compatibility: Products is now compatible with ADAM 5.5.1 and Workflow 2.1


  •  8721: Tooltips now show the full name of the field property


  •  The numeric facet range is correctly updated when using the default setting. The facet value is now visible on the first calculation
  • It is no longer possible to update Name and Identifier properties for multiple Category/AspectCategory Activities in both Edit and CreateOrEdit modes
  • Existing aspects or products can be copied/moved even when the SourceAspectCategory does not match the aspect category for the chosen aspect.
  • The Select ADAM classifications window is no longer cut off for the EditProducts Activity
  • The AspectCategory filter property is removed for the ReadAspectCategory activity
  • Products workflow components can now be installed on a machine that has AgilePoint Envision installed on it, but not ADAM 5.5.1
  • For the EditAspect Activity in Manual mode and Edit mode, in CreateOrEdit with a nonexisting Id for the AspectToEdit, the correct web form is now loaded.
  • Products cannot be installed on a machine where no ADAM components are installed, you get an error messages on the required prerequisites.

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