Workflow 2.1 Release Notes

Workflow version 2.1



  • Compatibility: Workflow is now compatible with ADAM 5.5.1
  • CompatibilityWorkflow is now compatible with AgilePoint 5 R2 SP1


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of Videos
  • To upgrade the Workflow Server Components on the AgilePoint Server you now have to run the UpgradeAdamRegistration command to update the connection information to the ADAM web services in the AgilePoint configuration

  • Running Workflow 1.x side by side with Workflow 2.x is no longer supported


  • 8101: The element <sessionState sessionIDManagerType="Adam.Web.MultiSiteSessionIDManager, Adam.Web" /> is now added to the Workflow studio's web.config file by default, to enable managing multiple sessions for different ADAM studios concurrently

  • 8340: Fixed an issue in the WorkflowProcessProvider and WorkflowDefinitionProvider causing HTTP connections to be closed prematurely, in turn causing faulted connections

  • 8340: Added a performance optimization to WorkflowTaskProvider that prevents adding Name LIKE '%' to all SQL statements when querying WF_MANUAL_WORKITEMS

  • 8340: Fixed an issue in the WorkflowTaskProvider causing HTTP connections to be closed prematurely, in turn causing faulted connections

  • 8340: Changed locking mode on all task and process UI queries to ReadUncommitted to prevent deadlocks with the extender component

  • 8340: Fixed bad performance on updating of the ADAM tracking table in the extender component, causing time-outs

  • 8486: Changed the Application object lifetime from per session to per call to prevent the connection pool to run out

  • 8526: Added logic to recover from faulted connections on the AgilePoint Server WCF channels 

  • 8791: Fixed an issue causing the For..Each workflow block to be stuck on the first page in case the search expression yields more than 100 results

  • 8914: Fixed OutOfMemoryException that could occur when synchronizing ADAM user groups to AgilePoint


  • On the Read Classification activity the Classification Parent property is now read as well.

  • Improved logging and error handling when communication exceptions occur

Documentation Changes

  • Installation Guide: Side-by-side installation instruction have been removed from the Installation Guide since this is no longer supported
  • Workflow Help: The Delete Users activity has now been documented
  • Upgrading: The upgrade process has been slightly reworked to make the steps more clear when you have other ADAM products installed that depend on ADAM Workflow

Known Issues

  • ADAM-Agilepoint Connector not updated when upgrading to Workflow 2.1
    Before uninstalling Adam Agilepoint Server Components, remove the ADAM-Agilepoint connector from the Agilepoint Server manager.
    After re-installing the Workflow Server Components also add the ADAM-Agilepoint connector using the steps described in the Workflow install guide 8.3.

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