ADAM 5.5.1 Release Notes

ADAM version 5.5.1



  • General: Compatibility with the other ADAM products and critical hot fixes for ADAM 5.5
  • Security: Classification and record access can now be managed on one clear overview page, instead of on individual classifications

New features

  • ADAM now supports using encrypted tokens for claims-based authentication


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of Videos
  • When searching for records or classifications in code, it's recommended to page natively. Because of the changes introduced to ADAM when Enterprise Search was introduced, a number of paging methods have been deprecated, as they are no longer recommended for use (and in fact result in counterproductive performance overhead). These methods are:
    ExtendedItemBase.Load(ids, sortOrder)
    ExtendedItemBase.Load(expression, sortOrder)
    ExtendedItemBaseHelper.GetIds(expression, sortOrder)
    ExtendedItemBaseHelper.GetPage - all overloads
    RecordHelper.GetFileVersions(expression, sortOrder, options)
    RecordHelper.GetFileNames(expression, sortOrder)

  • Field.EnsureNotReadOnly() now throws a different exception for read-only fields and when the user doesn't have edit permission for that field

  • HTML-enabled text fields now support HTML as opposed to XHTML only


  • 8196: Fixed an issue causing the moving of a classification using the Transfer method of the ClassificationHelper class to be really slow when moving large classification trees

  • 8749: Fixed an exception when ClassificationHelper.GetMappings(), ClassificationHelper.GetLabelPaths() and ClassificationHelper.GetNamePaths() were called with more than 2100 classification Ids

  • 8766: Added support for a "UserAgentCompatible" AppSetting which value sets the HTML meta tag “X-UA-Compatible” for every page studio-wide

  • 8800: Fixed a problem when searching for a file of more than 2 GB

  • 8871: Relaxed the parsing of HTML for HTML-enabled text fields so the value stored in the database will reflect the input value more, making the IsDirty flag on the field more reliable for detecting user input

  • 8903: SMB/NTFS-based file stores now support recycle bin functionality when deleting an asset from ADAM

  • 8906, 8751, 9009: Added support for transparency when resizing PNG files with an alpha channel using the ImageGlue 7 media engine. The media engine now supports creating previews and thumbnails with alpha transparency.

  • 9046: Fixed a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in ItemNotFound.aspx page

  • 8735, 8901: Fixed a performance issue when refreshing the in-process record security cache after changing security permissions of a classification using the SetUserGroupAccess method

  • 8914: Fixed an OutOfMemoryException that could occur when synchronizing ADAM user groups to AgilePoint

  • 9088: ClassificationHelper.GetChildIds(parent, childExpression) is now returning search results, and no longer throwing an exception

  • 9098: After creating shadow index pending changes were not cleared. Fixed an issue that continued the refreshing of the record security cache even when that cache was disabled via configuration

  • 9121: Fixed a concurrency issue causing deadlocks in the StateManagedCollection class


  • Sorting of record and classification search results is now again case-insensitive, as it was in ADAM 5.4
    This change has an impact on the search index. This means that you should rebuild your search index after the upgrade, so that ADAM becomes usable again.

  • The language of sub-expressions is now also taken into account when converting a search expression that contains sub-expressions

  • When you upgrade ADAM documentation is now also correctly updated

  • Fixed an issue that caused the count of linked facets to not return the correct number in all cases

  • Fixed an issue the caused the file extension in file names to not always be searchable in free text searches (full text)

  • REST API: when editing a classification and specifying "null" as classification name, the name is now treated as "not specified" and ignored

  • REST API: obsolete paging links (prev, last,...) were removed from (plain) JSON responses

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