Products 4.3 Release Notes

Products version 4.3



  • Searching : ADAM Products is now compatible with ADAM 5.5 (Enterprise search)


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • Configuring facets for ADAM Products has been aligned with the processes and UI in ADAM Assets
    See Products Help > How to - Administrators > Configure facets for more information

  • ProductSaveOptions.cs now inherits RecordWrapperSaveOptions instead of RecordSaveOptions

  • The upgrade process now finds all custom actions and moves them in a new Custom actions group in the setting.

  • The Data-type specific Dynamic OptionListField is now also supported in Products
    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > Fields > Data-type specific: Dynamic Option Lists for more information

  • The RecordWrapperCollection changed from protected virtual void FillInnerList
    (IEnumerable<SystemRecord> recordCollection) to protected virtual void FillInnerList
    (IEnumerable<SystemRecord> recordCollection, int totalHitCount)

  • The ClassificationWrapperCollection changed from protected virtual void FillInnerList
    (IEnumerable<SystemClassification> classificationCollection) to protected virtual void FillInnerList
    (IEnumerable<SystemClassification> classificationCollection, int totalHitCount)



  • 5422, 7436 IActionUIElement in context menu did not respond on the 'Visible' property
  • 7573 When a search is performed with the option Show child products/aspects selected, a warning was shown that "The requested product form view template is not accessible", because the template to use was not resolved correctly.

  • 7875 Fixed default values combined with Inherited Fields.

  • 7931, 7606 Field values disappeared when using the facet filter panel in the 'display as list' content view.

  • 8003 When using (custom) target actions in the order view, the actions were not applied correctly.

  • 8157, 8319 Removed redundant dll's (leadtools, ...) from the bin folder of the PIMS Web Service.

  • 8270 It is now possible to style custom field headers in linked items

  • 8389 The default form view templates on categories and aspect categories root node keep their original value after upgrade. The upgrade process now finds all custom actions and puts them in a separate 'custom actions' drop down in the setting.

  • 8399 Fixed issue when selecting a parent product where the product already has child products.



  • The RecordWrapperLoadOptions did not apply the PreLoadLanguages property
  • Fixed bug in facet selector control not showing correct values on category/aspect category form view



  • How to - Administrators  : The section about configuring facets has been reworked to reflect the updated configuration process.


  • Products 4.3 is compatible with ADAM 5.5. When installing Products 4.3, a number of Workflow and Catalogs components will be installed as well. However, Workflow and Catalogs are not compatible with ADAM 5.5 yet

  • Products 4.3 is not compatible with the latest version(s) of the Microsoft Edge browser.

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