Videos 1.2 Release Notes

Videos version 1.2


  • System requirements: Videos documentation
  • Download package: Videos 1.2


  •  Compatibility: Videos 1.2 is now compatible with ADAM 5.5.1


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of Videos
  • Videos 1.2 no longer supports the usage of Expression Encoder 4


  • When logging out through the top navigation bar, there is no more error message. (Server Error - 404 - Fie or directory not found)
  • For videos uploaded through a hot folder, there is no longer an unexpected classification assigned to that uploaded video

  • There is no more error after assigning a new Library folder through the Videos_LibraryClassification setting

  • No more errors while uploading a video file without audio stream

Known Issues

  • There is no appropriate error message when trying to save a video while editing a package
  • There is no accurate alignment in the representation of facets on the Videos search results overview.

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