Release Notes Service Pack ADAM 5.4.1

ADAM version 5.4.1



  •  Migration : Search tracing for migration path to ADAM 5.5


  •  Added search tracing feature to log all search feature uses to help you prepare for the ADAM 5.5 upgrade.


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • The ClassificationHelper.Transfer() method will now update in-process caches, out-of-process caches will now be updated at the next cache refresh (as opposed to rebuild).

  • The record security caches will now be updated in-process when changes occur and out-of-process caches will be updated at the next cache refresh (as opposed to rebuild).

  • The RecordHelper.GetUserAccess(), RecordHelper.GetUserGroupAccess() and its equivalents on the ClassificationHelper class now use cached data to calculate the user permissions, when this is enabled through configuration:
    <searching recordSecurityCheckMode="Cached" />
    <caching enabledCaches="All" />

  • The Application.LogOn(string registration, Guid sessionId) method now throttles the amount of updates of the session access time to once per 20 seconds, which potentially caused blocking updates on the database.

  • Updated the setting cache expiration query so it would have less impact on the database.


  • 6988 Fixed an issue causing an exception with message 'Error parsing near' when using Active Directory authentication and entering the Central studio with an URL not ending in '/'.
  • 6896 Fixed a performance issue when working with a restricted user in Assets.
  • 8007 Assets will now optionally use the RootClassificationIdentifier setting again.
  • 8037 Fixed performance issue when adding multiple items to a selection.
  • 8074 Fixed scrolling issue in Browse window when page size is larger than 50.
  • 8084 Fixed an issue caused by the sort indexes of record list field items not being updated after a record has been deleted.
  • 8108 Fixed an issue that prevented the preview player dialog to close when a video was buffering/playing.
  • 8119 Fixed an issue that caused an exception when a read only field value has different values in the records to edit.
  • 8132 Session is not removed from the database after LogOut with Corporate License.
  • 8205 Allow downloading of files larger than 4GB (int.MaxValue actually)
    Note: this only applies when ADAM Server is the "location", so not fixed for use with satellites.
  • 8362 The tree view now handles the click event correctly when a yellow roll over is visible (when the classification name is too long).


  • Fixed a performance issue in ClassificationTreeCache where the complete cache is rebuilt on every refresh (15 seconds by default) in the case when nothing needs to be refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where invalidated entries are first removed from cache, and then updated. This could cause race conditions when working with multiple threads which all update the same cache.


  •  ADMINISTRATOR GUIDE Added topic on search tracing. See the ADAM Administrator Guide > Post installation tasks > Enable search tracing for migration for more information.

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