ADAM 5.4 release notes

ADAM version 5.4



  •  Proactive caching for satellites : ADAM now supports proactively caching assets in satellite locations, making them immediately available for ordering.
  • Choice in file transfer for satellites : Satellites now offer the choice between HTTP and Aspera for transferring files from ADAM to the satellite cache.
  • Satellites dashboard : See in one glance what the status is of all satellites in ADAM


  •  ADAM now allows to proactively cache assets in satellites, making them immediately available for ordering.

    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > Satellites > for more information.

  • Satellites now give you a choice in transfer mechanism for transferring files from ADAM to the satellite server: HTTP or Aspera. Please be aware that Aspera licensing terms apply.
    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > Satellites > Configuring Aspera for file transfer for more information.

  • System now features a dashboard page for satellite locations.
    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > Satellites > Managing satellites for more information.


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • ADAM now supports Windows 2012 R2
  • ADAM now uses a new version of TinyMCE for HTML editing
  • Error messages when ordering from satellites are now more user-friendly



  • 113 FTP resort orders now support FTPS and FTPES. Please refer to the FTP resort order documentation for information on how to configure SSL/TLS for FTP resort orders.
  • 1805 Fixed an issue causing ordered files with the same file name but different content being confused by the ordering framework, resulting on ordering only one of the files.
  • 5019 Fixed an issue causing IIS Manager to be unable to change the authentication mode of an ADAM studio. This fix will only apply for newly installed studios.
  • 5879,5930 Fixed an issue causing the ImportTranslations command to fail when the name of the default language was changed.
  • 6261 The history of an option list field now contains the option name, not the option label.
  • 6684 Fixed an issue causing the ADAM Indexer service to crash when using the same custom assembly (registered in ADAM) more than once, e.g. in a custom indexer scan/process engine.
  • 6728 Fixed an issue causing the upgrade or installation of studios to take a long time on certain systems.
  • 6837 It is now possible to search for files larger than 2 GB (2147483648 bytes) using a FileSize search criteria.
  • 6891 Fixed a column resizing issue in the user permissions table.
  • 6915 Fixed an issue with the HTML editor causing drag selection from the line beginnings to behave unexpectedly. Due to browser-specific limitations, the fix could only be applied from IE11 and up.
  • 6928 Default triggers will now take NewFilename field into account.
  • 7139,7765 The check-out button is now disabled when the user does not have the proper permissions to check out.
  • 7147,7145 MDK media engine will now correctly handle the background color for resize actions, even when no clipping path was specified.
  • 7316 Fixed an issue causing invalid SQL when combining sorting on multilingual and single language fields.
  • 7322 Fixed an issue causing non-indexed fields not to be removed when unlinking a record from a classification in the API using the ClassificationUnlinkOptions.RemoveFields option.
  • 7368 Fixed an issue causing the DateFieldRangeFacet to throw an exception when any field has no value and the field's storage mode is set to 'All Values'. In such cases the cache would contain the empty values and improperly handle them, causing an exception stating "startIndex cannot be larger than length of string.".
  • 7437 Fixed an issue causing the OptionListField and DynamicOptionListField facets to never display newer values than those that were available at application start-up.
  • 7449 ActiveDirectoryAuthenticationProvider now works with sub-tree domains by using the global catalog to verify group memberships.
  • 7498,4158 Fixed an issue causing the RecordHelper.GetIds method to return duplicate IDs when using paging.
  • 7628 Fixed an issue causing ordered files to have an incorrect extension (but correct file format) when the number of order items was larger than the splitting threshold, and an order action (e.g. resize) was specified.
  • 7675 In certain cases, the "can classify" right was not properly represented in the Actions of a classification. This was the case when the parent security is different than the child security.
  • 7704 The Application.IsAdmin property no longer performs a database call every time it is used.
  • 7751 Fixed an issue with the HTML editor source view.
  • 7774 When a user wants to delete multiple uploaded files, an error is generated: "No ids selected"




  • Fixed an issue causing the installer UI to crash in the Upgrade server phase when the ADAM services are running.
  • The Adam.Core.CommandLine ConfigureSatellite command now properly responds to the force parameter to automatically restart the services when needed.
  • The satellite create/edit page now properly handles satellites with special characters (e.g. ‘/’, ‘+’, …)
  • Fixed an issue causing file store volumes to become permanently unavailable when the initial free disk space is smaller than the threshold settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing record maintenance jobs to fail completely when one targeted record now longer exists in ADAM. The maintenance job will now be partially failed.
  • Download orders no longer fails completely when the order on the satellite partially fails.
  • Fixed an issue causing the InstallStudio command to store incorrect URLs in the .registeredStudios setting when you didn't prefix the virtualDirectoryPath with a '/' character.
  • The hardware requirements for satellite locations are now documented.
  • Fixed an issue with the Custom Order Action sample code in the developer guide.
  • The Log on to site role is now properly renamed when renaming a site.

FIXED BUGS in 5.3.1 service pack

  •  An issue in file stores causes the indexed file to be lost when executing a RefreshFiles (Recreate Thumbnails and Previews) maintenance job.

Known Issue

When using Aspera as file transfer method between ADAM and a satellite, and your Aspera server software is installed on Windows Server 2008/2008 R2, and when the previews and thumbnails are
stored in the database (as opposed to storing them in a file store or file system location), you can get I/O exceptions when running proactive caching and/or ordering those preview or thumbnail files.
Most commonly this will be “File Not Found” exceptions, but we have also observed security issues resulting in “Access Denied” exceptions.
This is caused by a caching problem in Windows Server 2008.
You can find more information in the ADAM knowledge base -



Administration guide:

  • Satellites
    • Proactive caching - what is it and how to configure it
    • File transfer - what are the available transfer mechanisms, how to change the transfer mechanism for a satellite and how to configure Aspera for use with ADAM satellites.

    • Managing satellites - how to use the satellites dashboard
    • Troubleshooting satellites

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