Products 4.2 Release notes

Products version 4.2



  • Satellites: ADAM satellites allow remote users to download and order products and aspects from a server near them, based on their location.


  • The Ordering and Downloading interfaces and mechanisms now support downloading from other locations (ADAM Satellites)

For more information, see the Products4.2 User Guide:

      • Use the selection panel in Products for the extra Download options
      • Order files from various download locations

For all information on multiple download locations or ADAM Satellites, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > Satellites.

  • The configuration of the widgets that are available on the Products home page is now split up in 2 system settings:
    • PIMS_HomeViewWidgets: defines the lay-out of the widgets on the home grid
    • PIMS_ RegisteredWidgets: defines the widget types and the contents they will make available

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