Products 4.1 Release Notes

Products version 4.1



  • New set of Workflow activities: New workflow activities that allow you to perform product related operations and tasks within Workflow studio.
  • Workflow integration: You can now start workflows from within Products studio

  • Workflow samples: New sample workflows that showcase the Products capabilities within Workflow.

  • Performance improvements Many performance improvements, as listed in the Fixed
    bugs (p.3) below


  • Products now comes with a new set of ADAM Products activities consisting of:
    * Automatic activities: Read Product, Read Category, Read Aspect, Read Aspect Category, Delete Product, Delete Aspect, Delete Category, Delete     Aspect Category, Copy/Move Product, Copy/Move Aspect, Copy/Move Category and Copy/Move Aspect Category
    * Hybrid activities: Edit Product, Edit Aspect, Edit Category and Edit Aspect Category
    * Manual activities: Pick Product, Pick Aspect, Pick Category and Pick Aspect Category
  • Products now contains a set of Workflow samples that you can use as a starting point to create your own workflows.

    See Products Help > How to-WorkflowDesigners > Sample templates
  • The public PIMS Web API now contains the LinkedItemsPanel, the LinkedImagesPanel, the ProductClassificationsPanel and the spectClassificationsPanel.
  • The AspectClassificationsPanel and the ProductClassificationsPanel now have a RootClassification setting and property
  • Added a Search in child categories option in Filter panel
  • Added a watermark in the Filter text box on the Search page
  • Studio scripts (studio.js & pimstudio.js) now contain versioning

  • Search expressions are now optimized for Products business rules in combination with full-text search

  • The Filter panel now has a configurable Apply Filter button that also responds to the ENTER key

  • The Filter panel and the Selection dialog sizes adapt to the available space in the browser window

  • Products now keeps the user session alive when looking at a form view (Details page)

  • Products now has a configuration option to apply the selected languages in the studio to the Search

  • Added Refresh button to the Filter panel

  • Added tool tips to action fields

  • Correct thumbnails in selection viewer


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • The View state and the Control state are no longer guaranteed to be available when the View Unload() method is called. Consequently any child control state (View state and Control state) is no longer guaranteed to be available at that time.

  • Removed the ScrollExtender control from PIMS Web API

  • Adam.Pims.Web.UI.Controls.BinderListView now inherits from Adam.Web.UI.Controls.AdamListView instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListView to support dynamic page numbers.

  • Search expressions are now optimized for Products business rules in combination with full-text search for better performance

  • The attached page number, page size and page display mode are added to the page history in order to have a better Back-button support in the browser

  • The generic keep-alive ping now only performs a request when no post back is in progress, and only pings every 3 minutes

  • Performance is optimized for selection and collections

  • Internal ADAM Products search expressions are optimized for performance

  • ADAM Products switches the way it queries when ADAM Core caches are available for better performance

  • Removed the generic ping to keep session alive and replaced by an intelligent keep-alive mechanism

  • Clear all now clears the entire filter



  • 5600: The Facet filter panel no longer shows an error when opened

  • 5835: The hyperlink to the Assets maintenance job page has been fixed
  • 5868: Pressing ENTER is no longer causing the page to refresh when using the Filter box in Products
  • 5869: Using Toggle Basket in a linked items/images panel no longer causes a client-side script error
  • 5906: When classificationSearchMode is set to FullText, the Filter box in the root category content no longer shows an error
  • 5929: When the stateful form view insert/update is canceled, the Products form view will not navigate away
  • 6024: The page indicator does not show the first and last buttons by default, but this behavior can be changed with the property ShowFirstAndLastButton on the ExtendedDataPager control.
  • Navigating a page with security checking now returns a correct result and page number
  • 6168: The Classifications panel now also shows classification mappings
  • 6177: The page indicator is now reset when a facet is selected in the Category/Aspect category content view filter panel
  • 6195: The Linked items/images panel now shows a correct amount of white space for content
  • 6196: The Add to selection field action is now displayed correctly in the UI
  • 6198: The counter in the Selection panel basket now shows the correct number of selected items when toggling the product/aspect selection on the Selection page.
  • 6213: The Selection page now displays a correct UI in screen resolution 1024x768
  • 6230: Cropped images now show the full image on hovering (after a few milliseconds)
  • 6438: The basket content view now shows an image preview when hovering the thumbnail in list mode
  • 6514: The API no longer causes an unhandled exception when propagating field values in the product inheritance
  • 6898: Quickly clicking the Unlink button for different items no longer causes an error
  • 6916: Navigating away by using the backspace key or the Back button in the browser while adding or editing an instance will trigger a confirmation message
  • 6995: The (aspect) category Browse page contains an action to Add the filter result(s) to the selection



  • The control state has been optimized for a better browser performance
  • The filter now works normally in the Filter panel
  • The Filter panel now stays filled in when navigating to a product or an aspect
  • The filter in the Filter panel and on the Search page does not double post back when pressing ENTER
  • The Linked items panel and the Linked images panel no longer cause a double query on the database
  • The Page history is now working stably
  • The display modes in the Collection/Selection Content view are now kept in sync with each other (switching to list view in one view leads to also switching to list view in the other view)
  • The Selection view and Selection panel now filter out aspects which are also products
  • The Product Classifications Panel and the Aspect Classifications Panel no longer show automatic classifications in the selection dialog, only the manual classifications are shown
  • Turning off caching will not cause the studio to crash. Instead, warnings are logged. Turning off caching is only for test/support purposes
  • There is an optimized query plan in selection and collections, in search bars, in data providers and in the linked items/images selection dialogs
  • The same load options for the configured data provider now also apply to the linked items/images selection dialogs
  • Data providers, data helpers, selections and collections now use in-memory security for better performance
  • The Add search result to selection action now updates the selection counter again
  • The caching of the facet search is cleared when an item is deleted
  • The styling issue in the Classification facet filter is resolved
  • When a session ended while looking at Details page, this could result in error. That is now prevented by keeping the session alive.
  • Using the ENTER key in the Search box always does a search action
  • When opening the Selection panel quickly and multiple times, this no longer causes a concurrency issue in JavaScript
  • There are no more overlaps between action fields and action fields now contain ellipses
  • Corrected typos in translations and added missing translations
  • Thumbnails are displayed correctly in the selection viewer

known Issues


  • Issue when editing a category: the Available filters in the Edit filters dialog does not show the available filters the first time you open it. The list is empty. To work around this issue:
    1. Click Save in the Edit Category window.
    2. Edit the same category again by right-clicking that category in the tree structure and choosing Edit category from the context menu.
    3. In the Product filters pane, click Edit again to see the list of available filters.

    This time, the Available filters are shown.

  • (Only for custom action development) IActionUIElement.visible property is not properly implemented
    in an ActionMenuDataPlugin and ActionToolbarExtender

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