Workflow 2.0.3 Release notes

Workflow version 2.0.3



 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • New Pick Records activity that allows users to select one or more records in their to-do list
  • New Read Language activity that allows certain language information to be read

  • Choice activity now allows processing a separated list op options instead of predefined options only

  • Added context-sensitive help to each one of the Envision configuration interfaces of Workflow activities

  • Workflow activities and configuration interfaces are now ADAM site aware



  • 6627, 6777: Show a less intrusive error message when a workflow widget is unable to connect to Agilepoint (for instance when a new user is not yet synchronized to Agilepoint)

  • 6937, 7094: Handle aborted client channels better in the Workflow service client

  • 7170: Fixed javascript error in the General configuration of the Edit Classifications activity



  • Tasks with status New can now be reassigned to another user
  • Process parameters used in two parallel tasks are now shown correctly on each task
  • Process parameters shared between main processes and subprocesses are now tracked correctly for each process

  • Fixed typos in the Workflow studio

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