ADAM 5.3 release notes

ADAM version 5.3



  • Satellites: ADAM satellites allow remote users to download and order assets from a server near them, based on their location.

    see the ADAM Administrator Guide > Satellites for more information

  • My Downloads in ADAM Assets:  A new page giving the user an overview of the status of his download orders.

  • Faceted filters in ADAM Assets: When searching for records using Spaces, you can now refine your search using faceted filters 
  • Easier Configuration of spaces, facets and widgets: The configuration of spaces, facets and widgets is much more user friendly now, using clear editors for each of the XML settings

    see the ADAM Administrator Guide > UI configuration in ADAM studios for more information
  • Bulk editing of records in ADAM Assets: You can now edit multiple records at once in ADAM Assets

    see Assets Help > Editing multiple records for more information



  •  Orders can now be executed on remote (satellite) locations, providing faster, geographically distributed

    downloads to the user.
    For more information on satellites, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > Satellites

  • Users can now edit multiple records at once in Assets.
    For more information, see Assets Help > Editing multiple records

  • Classification spaces and filter facets are now available

  • Users can now reset their own password by clicking the 'Forgot my password’ link in ADAM Central.
    For more information, see Assets Help > Resetting your password.

  • Downloads from Assets can now be paused and resumed in your browser.

  • When navigating away from a page with unsaved changes, the browser will now ask for confirmation.


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • Field maintenance actions will, by default, no longer fail when the field for which the value should
    be updated, is not present on the maintenance target. Such targets will now continue to function
    without further notice. The FieldAction class now has a FailWhenNotFound property that will
    restore previous behavior when set to true.


  • 4754 Fixed an issue causing the Adam.Core.CommandLine.exe ExportTranslations command to throw a SqlTooManyParametersException when exporting more than 2100 translations.
  • 5000 Partially failed downloads (and orders) are now checking for partially failed status in the order and download selection actions
  • 5810 The AdamHierarchicalDataSource now works for root classifications, an empty path now represents root classifications
  • 5883 Added a better error message when duplicating a user group and having insufficient user rights
  • 6018, 6012 Fixed a validation issue in HTML-enabled text fields occurring when the value of the field contains HTML entities (such as & or  ).
  • 6270 Fixed a styling issue in the studio menu occurring when resizing the browser window with the menu open
  • 6286 Fixed an issue causing the default value of a field with the reference <ref:record file=”current” out=”…” />  to be recalculated for deleted files, which caused an exception
  • 6401 Removed PDF as output format for order resize actions because none of the existing media engines support this
  • 6447 Fixed an issue with clipping path anti-aliasing using the MDK media engine: the clipped images no longer have jagged edges
    The MDK media engine now uses alpha channel instead of solid color transparency on clipped images when available.
  • 6561 Fixed an error causing the ForceDirtyAction maintenance action to fail with the exception message “An unexpected error (type 2) was encountered saving the check-out information”
  • 6625 After having added OptionListField to a Field Group, you can now still add other types as well

  • 6639 The Edit Tag dialog is now styled correctly
  • 6702 Added a validation for rules to make it impossible to use the Before/After Validation trigger when using the Object Deleted trigger, only the Before Commit rule trigger is valid for Object Deleted conditions
  • 6706 Fixed an issue in the Record details page causing the page title to move and making the page unresponsive
  • 6735 Updating a record that has been linked to more than 2100 records via a record link field will not throw an exception anymore
  • 6753 Fixed a display issue when hiding/removing download actions in the .assetStudioSearchRecordActions setting
  • 6774 Fixed a bug causing video previews to have the wrong aspect ratio
  • 6782 Fixed an issue occurring when adding the language “français” to the Central logon page on Safari
  • 6795 Fixed missing formatting arguments in the Record x of field y is not classified in any of the classifications required for links of this type validation error message.
  • 6805 The logged on user will no longer switch back to the previously logged on user because the page is cached by the browser
  • 6821 Fixed the URL of a publication/all items record when the URL to the record was loaded with a trailing slash
  • 6857 Fixed an issue causing an exception with message Error parsing near when using Active Directory authentication and entering the Central studio with a URL not ending in /
  • 6854 Fixed additional issues with the HTML rich-text editor, related to full-screen and HTML source code views
  • 6918 ADAM now uses a custom federation cookie instead of the default FedAuth cookie to avoid interference from other claims-based solutions
  • 6926 Fixed an issue causing the rebuild of the field group permissions cache to fail when deleting users or field groups, while the rebuild is running Fixed an issue in the RecordCollection.Load method causing it to use the record security cache when it is not yet available
  • 6962 Fixed a missing formatting argument in the field definition maximum length validation error message.
  • 6978 Loading a record with large XMP data in Assets will no longer block the browser, instead a button is shown to display the XMP data
  • 6979 Fixed an issue in the ImageGlue media engine causing the PDF box type to be applied incorrectly
  • 6984 The MDK media engine will now flatten the images if the output does not support layered or multiframe images
  • 7014 Fixed an HttpUnhandledException occurring in the StateManagedDynamicOptionCollection class when saving a record with a dynamic option list field
  • 7064 The VideoPreviewPlayer will now take the Allow downloading this version role into account.
  • 7076 Fixed a NullReferenceException in the search expression optimizer
  • 7101 In ADAM Assets, search expressions containing @ or ? will no longer fail
  • 7229 Fixed an issue causing the file store location to have escaped slash characters instead of path delimiters in the database, leading to I/O exceptions when using the FileVersion.Path property
  • 7269 When pressing enter in an editable box in the Assets edit record page, a pop-up was shown to delete the asset


  • Fixed a browser Back button issue in ADAM System occurring after editing a classification
  • Fixed an issue causing the import of a file to fail when you have media engines listed in the catalog actions of the file type
  • Fixed an error in the creation of the Windows Event Log sources during the ADAM installation causing a dependency on .NET Framework 2.0 that is not strictly necessary
  • Fixed an issue causing the SearchExpression.GetNestedFullTextExpressions method to throw an exception
  • Fixed an issue causing the FileType.IsDirty property to remain false when changing the registered media engines of the file type
  • Fixed an unclear validation error message when saving a DateTime field definition with invalid values for the DatePattern and DateTimePattern properties.
  • Fixed a typo in the documentation of the SortIndex property in the ADAM Administrator Guide > Fields > Field views
  • Fixed an issue in the ADAM Developer Guide sample code for custom order actions: the code did not compile because of an inaccessible property of the MaintenanceJobReference class
  • Added documentation on how to install the media engine host services in a side-by-side installation
  • Fixed the documentation on the exporter settings file in the ADAM Administrator Guide
  • The 'contains' operator in the advanced search page is no longer shown because not all full-text engines support it.
  • Provided a more relevant field list title for the Details view in Assets. Was 'The important bits to show off', now is Highlights
  • The Advanced search page will no longer suggest fields that are not indexed for operator searches



 Install Guide :

  • Maintenance : New step in the installation to configure the new maintenance service - Configure maintenance (p.1)

Assets Help :

  • Searching for records: Updated the information on Searching in ADAM Assets and facet filtering
    your search results
  • Change password: New section on how to change your password as a user
  • Checking the status of downloads: New section describing the Downloads page
  • Downloading and ordering assets: The information on downloading and ordering Assets is reworked and
    completed with new download order options
  • Multi-edit record: New section on how to edit multiple records


Administration guide:

  • Spaces, facets andwidgets: Reworked the information on configuring spaces, facets and widgets for the ADAM studios

  •  Satellites: New section on satellites: what they are and how to set them up in ADAM

  • UI configuration: Reworked the topics explaining about configuring action menus and
    record displays in ADAM Assets

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