ADAM 5.1 release notes

ADAM version 5.1



New features

  •  ADAM introduces claims-based authentication support
  • The possibility to upload multiple files simultaneously in Assets. Uploaded files can be individually edited and then later published as records in Assets.
  • Users can e-mail a link to a record to another ADAM user or send an asset as an attachment (using an email order) to external users
  • FFmpeg can be used as a media engine for generating video previews


 Items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM

  • New and improved user interface for the ADAM installer
  • ADAM is certified for Windows Server 2012.
  • ADAM supports ImageGlue 7.3.
  • Administrators can configure whether ImageGlue uses the crop box, trim box, media box or art box for PDF previews.
  • ADAM supports MDK 2.7.3.
  • ADAM supports Adobe PhotoShop Large Document Format (PSB).
  • Previews will be generated using maintenance jobs for movie files.
  • The options for setting search options of field definitions are made more user friendly.
  • The ADAM developer guide has been completely reworked, with new and improved topics for ADAM web development.
  • New Visual Studio templates added for ???Empty ADAM web applications??? and ???ADAM web applications???.
  • The Visual Studio templates for ADAM development, installed using the Visual Studio extension are now compatible with both Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.
  • The Visual Studio templates for Assets, Central and System customization have been decommissioned.
  • The default isolation level for ADAM transactions in now ReadCommitted, which causes less locking on the database.
  • Change tracking now logs setting value changes, classification security changes and registered assemblies.
  • Added export/import support for new objects and operations: classification security, setting values, dynamic option list fields and registered assemblies.
  • The export/import framework can now be configured to run imports under a different user using impersonation. You can find this in the ImporterSettings.ImportAs property.



  • 4016: Fixed an error occurring when using full-text search on a language that is not supported by SQL Server Full-Text indexing.
  • 4118: Fixed a typo in an error message when a multi-value field reaches its limit of 2000 items.
  • 4177: Field loading performance has been greatly improved.
  • 4393: The Save button stayed disabled when only changing links of a record link field.
  • 4403: Fixed UI issues in the Spaces page.
  • 4557: Fixed an issue causing ImageGlue to crash on very large PDF files.
  • 4907: Records with a large number of previews loaded very slowly in the Assets home page (recently added records).
  • 4666: Fixed a licensing module issue causing the CPU-licenses for studios being counted multiple times.
  • 4899: After resetting a password in System you were redirected to the wrong page.
  • 4939: Added the missing ???Browse??? option when setting classification mappings.
  • 5185: Fixed an issue causing Windows authentication using NTLM to stop working after an upgrade of ADAM.
  • 5277: ClassificationHelper.Transfer with DoNotTransferRootOfSource when the source class doesn't have any children now results in a null operation instead of failing.
  • 5347: Fixed a caching issue causing incorrect values being returned for the Application.GetRole() method family when the user has just been added or removed from user groups.
  • 5463: Fixed an issue with the memory consumption of the classification cache.
  • 5476: Color space "Unknown" should not be in the list of possibilities for download orders.
  • 5505: Media engines didn't always obey the SupportsHttpContext property.
  • 5507: Fixed the positioning of watermarked previews.
  • 5536: Fixed an issue causing the .defaultRecordTitleField and .defaultRecordActions values to be reset during upgrade.
  • 5553: Fixed an error causing the Subscription page to fail when opening a subscription linking to deleted or secured classifications.
  • 5656: The assemblies containing the media engines are now included in the Visual Studio Add Reference??? dialog.
  • 5600: Updated the search expression optimizer so it combines full-text queries generated by the ClassificationSearchMode.FullText option.
  • 5600: Removed a superfluous inner join when using full-text expression, which caused a performance hit.
  • 5600: Improved performance on large classification facets.
  • 5600: Improved performance on loading of fields.
  • 5663, 4488, 4930: Fixed permission update issues when switching user group memberships on a user, causing incorrect organization permissions to be returned from the API.
  • 6010: The Email property of the User object now allows 254 characters instead of 50. The theoretical maximum length of e-mail addresses is 254 characters.
  • 6019: Fixed a performance issue causing a timeout in System when switching user group memberships on a user on a database with a large number of organizations.
  • 117596: MDK media engine didn't properly preserve transparency when applying watermarks.
  • 117573, 118054: Fixed an error in the sample code in Admin Guide > File Naming Conventions.
  • 118189: Fixed anti-aliasing issue when resizing images with clipping paths using MDK media engine.
  • 119566: The ADAM Visual Studio templates no longer need version redirects to function correctly.
  • 119659: Fixed an error with the search expression optimizer when combining XPath queries with the OR operator.



  • In Assets, the ???save??? button is now enabled when changing a single field. Previously, you needed to lose the focus on the changed field before the ???save??? button was updated.
  • Fixed an issue causing publish/subscribe packages to appear in the wrong working folder in multi-registration ADAM environments.
  • Fixed an issue in the import/export framework causing the Importer class to ignore the ImporterSettings.Commit property.
  • Fixed an issue where the file type permission roles were not deleted when deleting a file type.
  • Fixed an example in the ADAM Developer Guide for option list field facets.
  • The use of CDATA is explained and recommended for <ref:code> snippets in the documentation.



  • Configuring authentication: The chapter about configuring authentication in ADAM has been moved from the ADAM Administrator Guide to the Install Guide and updated with a topic about setting up claims-based authentication
  • File upload: Added documentation in Assets Help on how to use the new File Upload feature in ADAM Assets
  • Added documentation in the ADAM Administrator Guide on how to configure the new file Upload feature
  • Import/Export: Added documentation about configuring the ExporterSettings xml which controls what is exported and how
  • Media Engines: Reworked and updated the tables that list which media engine can be used for which media action and on which file formats

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