ADAM 5.0.4 release notes

ADAM version 5.0



  • Significantly improved the performance of classification facet calculations
  • Classification facets generated by the FacetCheckBoxList in the web framework now uses the ClassificationFacet class for improved performance
  • The search expression optimizer will now combine full-text expressions as much as possible
  • Added the option to enable/disable search result previews

Fixed bugs (reported by support)

  • 5463: Fixed an issue causing the classification tree cache consuming too much memory and CPU
  • 5600: Improved performance on loading of fields
  • 5600: Improved performance on large classification facets
  • 6208: Fixed a bug causing classification explicit facets incorrectly counting objects multiple times
  • 6735: Updating a record that has been linked to more than 2100 records via a record link field will not throw an exception anymore
  • 5600: Removed a superfluous inner join when using full-text expression, which caused a performance hit
  • 5600: Updated the search expression optimizer so it combines full-text queries generated by the ClassificationSearchMode.FullText option
  • 6299: Fixed a performance issue that was caused by the search expression optimizer not combining certain search expressions
  • 6735: Fixed an issue in the search expression optimizer that could lead to a NullReferenceException after a search expression that contains sub-expressions has been optimized
  • 6036: Fixed an issue causing maintenance job serialization to fail when error messages contain invalid XML characters

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the search expression optimizer to now also optimize search expressions that have superfluous parentheses
  • Fixed an issue in calculating the hash code for a SearchExpression object
  • Fixed an issue in combining full-text expressions with combined and/or-operators
  • Updating a record now automatically updates the in-process cache of records and their linked classifications. This ensures that this information is immediately taken into account when performing in-memory security checks
  • Creating a classification now automatically updates the in-process cache so that records that are linked to this classification automatically take this classification also into account when performing security checks
  • Fixed an issue causing the GetPage method of RecordHelper being extremely slow
  • Fixed an issue causing the RecordHelper sometimes throwing a DivideByZeroException when using the caches for security checking
  • Significantly improved the performance of in-memory security checks for restricted users (users that don't have access to many assets)
  • Significantly improved the performance of the Basket-class when being used with many items
  • Fixed an issue with the ExtendedItemBaseHelper.GetIds method when using without paging
  • Fixed an issue causing TIFF files with .tif extension not being properly recognized (when ordering)
  • All load option classes in Adam.Core.dll are now cloneable and equatable

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