Workflow 2.0.1 has been released

Workflow version 2.0



  • System requirements:
  • Download package: Workflow 2.0.1


 items marked in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of Workflow

  • Add license module WorkflowApi
  • A new ADAM license must be requested in order to be able to continue working with workflow

Fixed bugs (reported by support)


  • 5735: Fixed JavaScript error on managing views in Workflow Studio in IE8
  • 5662: Fixed JavaScript error when using the default view template
  • 5616: The view template for records didn't check if the records still existed when rendering
  • 5526: Read activities (i.e. Read Record, Read classification, Read User) can now read values into existing custom attributes
  • 5477: Record field editing has been fixed to write all fields, instead of just the first
  • 5453: Empty entries in user list fields were not ignored, which made concatenation fail
  • 5436: Rule action didn't correctly handle a lack of trace messages, throwing a null reference error when the rule was triggered from outside ADAM Assets

Fixed bugs


  • Fixed IE7 issue on configuration dialogs in AgilePoint Envision
  • Fixed the tooltip location on the dashboard view when scrolling
  • The RegisterAdamRegistration command overwrites other registered services during command execution
  • Replaced ADAM Extender Type ID to resolve AgilePoint license issues
  • Fixed JavaScript issue in IE7, which doesn't support array.IndexOf
  • You sometimes received timeouts when long running edit or create operations were executed

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