Collaboration 2.1 release notes

Collaboration version 2.1


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  •  ADAM Workflow 2.0 compatibility: New workflow activities that allow users to create Collaboration projects, modify and archive them, approve, annotate and review assets and create a ConceptShare project report from within a workflow process

New features


  •  New status strategy provider "First approval approves project"
  • New Read Project workflow activity
  • New user permission to control who can manually create a new Collaboration project from within an ADAM studio


Items that are set in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of Collaboration

  • It's now possible to reopen a project by changing it's properties (e.g. upload a new version of an asset, add approvers, etc.)
  • It's now possible to change your decision for an asset before you complete the project
  • It's now possible to start a project within workflow on multiple records at once
  • The API of the abstract class StatusStrategyProvider has been modified slightly to reorganize its approach to decision making. All existing implementations of this class will need minor modification and recompilation
  • Sending out notifications for Workflow projects can now be enabled or disabled with the new Teamwork_EnableWorkflowNotifications setting



  • 4667: The Guests panel is now hidden when using a corporate license
  • You got an unhandled exception when specifying no registration in the ConfigureService command

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