ADAM 5.0.3 Release Notes

ADAM version 5.0


  • System requirements:
  • Download package: ADAM 5.0.3



When you are upgrading from ADAM 5.0 to ADAM 5.0.3 you have to change the validationKey and decriptionKey manually in the web.config files of all studios (both ADAM and custom studios):

  1. Open the web.config file of each studio (e.g. C:\Adam\Studios\Assets\web.config)
  2. Replace the existing validationKey and decriptionKey with "AutoGenerate" value:

<machineKey validationKey="AutoGenerate" decriptionKey="AutoGenerate" validation="SHA1" decryption="AES" />

New features


Added a "Find by ID" link on the Application Log page so that administrators can easily look up error messages by their ID.



A classification space with an invisible classification tree will now also take the root classification into account

Fixed bugs (reported by support)

  •  4396: Removed the IsDirty property from the system information panel, since it is irrelevant and confusing
  • 4403: Fixed an issue in IE8 when selecting a filter inside a Space, causing the filter panel to move down
  • 4658: Retry and resubmitted maintenance jobs now have the same value for the DisableNotification property as their originating maintenance jobs
  • 4678: Added support for EMF thumbnails in the Office 2007 media engine
  • 4830: Fixed broken paging in the edit permissions pages
  • 4862: Fixed an issue in the licensing framework causing multiple studios of the same time being counted
  • 4874: Fixed a JavaScript error in the manage classifications dialog of a record
  • 4893: Fixed a watermark loading issue occurring when saving a record
  • 4907: Fixed an issue causing all image data to be loaded when preloading or delay loading file
  • 4938: Fixed a JavaScript error in IE8 (or below) when creating a classification
  • 4940: Fixed a JavaScript error in the classification mapping page when using IE8
  • 4941,4729: Fixed the issues that arise when special characters are used in object names that are used in ADAM urls, e.g. @ in a user name or a / in a field name
  • 4994: Fixed an issue causing a hang in Assets on IE and Chrome when using filters in a Space with Facets
  • 5265: A file name with a long extension (part bhind the .) will now be displayed correctly in Assets, instead of overflowing in the next title
  • 5316: Fixed an issue causing the record-classifications cache being built in-process instead of on a separate thread, causing performance issues
  • 5440: The create duplicate action on a record in the mosaic view of ADAM Assets did not duplicate all data as expected
  • 5445: Fixed an issue occurring when using a field which name contains spaces as a summary field to a record link field
  • 5460: When a non-Administrator user tries to retrieve the user access permissions for baskets when not having baskets yet gave an error

Fixed bugs

  •  Whenever you encountered the message "The error was logged with id '...'", it was not logged in the application log or event viewer
  • The central studio no longer shows a dead help link because the current version of ADAM does not have online help for central
  • You no longer get an error when selecting a watermark by using the watermark actions while creating a maintenance job in Assets
  • Fixed an issue in the logging that caused a performance hit
  • Fixed an issue causing scripts to be added twice during postback
  • Fixed a performance issue in the search result views

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