ADAM 5.2 has been released

ADAM version 5.2



  • File Storage: Introduction of File Stores and Volumes for enhanced file storage in ADAM, including features such as managing multiple physical volumes and file distribution, monitoring disk space and availability, etc.

    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > System configuration > File storage locations for more information.
  • Finding assets: Finding assets is now easier than before: the ADAM Assets UI has been slightly redesigned to make the retrieval of files and records even more intuitive and easy.

    See the ADAM User Guide > Finding assets for more information.


  • ADAM now supports file stores for storing assets, previews, thumbnails and additional files.

    For more information, see the ADAM Administrator Guide > System configuration > File storage locations.
  • ADAM is now compatible with SQL Server 2014.
  • The ADAM Assets user interface has been redesigned to provide a better user experience:
    • The browser Back button works as expected
    • The Search results and Selection page are more user friendly.


 Items added in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM.

  • The counter of selected items is now updated when records are deleted.

fixed bugs (Customer)

  •  347: The RedirectAssemblyVersions command installs assembly redirects for all platforms.
  • 571, 6192: Record.AddNew(Record) no longer results in a FileNotFoundException.
  • 4496: Fixed some issues with the previews/thumbnails when switching their location between Database and File System.
  • 5740: You can  now view the catalog log of file versions that are not the latest master version
  • 5741: You can change a catalog action from critical to non-critical. Canceling the .claimsAuthenticationSettings setting editor no longer saves the setting anyway.
  • 5574: Hitting the enter key in Advanced Search now adds the selected field criterion.
  • 6147: The last selected classification is now remembered when coming back from the Edit record page.
  • 6197: You can no longer use the 'contains' operator in advanced search.
  • 6211: The divide by zero exception when accessing collections is fixed.
  • 6228: Paging in List Source reference of Dynamic Option List Field (e.g. <ref:text out="true" store="@UsePaging"/>) no longer results in an InvalidCastException.
  • 6250: When creating an order, Add to all targets without action selection no longer results in an exception.
  • 6253: When creating an order, Add to all targets enabled/disabled state and style have been fixed.
  • 6259, 6344: The paging in the options editor when creating/modifying a list field definition is fixed.
  • 6286: Fixed an issue causing an exception when using <ref:record/>-references.
  • 6493: You can now change the sort order of a field definition within a field group.

fixed bugs

  •  ADAM can now be installed on SQL Server 2012 (previous ADAM versions would throw this exception "The installer failed to set the database compatibility level for the newly created database.")
  • Publish/Subscribe licensing is no longer checked when running the EmptyDatabase command.
  • The full-text searching example in the Administrator Guide (Admin Guide > Searching > Full-Text Indexing > Overview) is now correct.
  • Added missing translations for FieldDefinitionSearchPluginProvider data types.
  • The troubleshooting topic "Preview Creation or Content Extraction Fail" no longer mentions ADAM 4.
  • No longer throwing an exception when searching for DirectClassification = Guid.Empty and classification search mode is set to FullText.
  • No longer losing content of an HTML field when saving, fixed a bug in the rich text editor control.
  • Improved performance of the Application.LogOn() method.
  • Fixed an issue causing upload to fail when the working folder in the registration XML had a trailing backslash (see Adam.Core.Server.exe.config)
  • Canceling the .claimsAuthenticationSettings setting editor no longer saves the setting anyway.
  • Fixed several issues that occur when uploading files to Assets.


Install guide:

  • File Stores: Adjusted both the installation as the upgrade procedure for the new File Stores and Volumes concept in ADAM.

Assets Help:

  • Searching: The searching for assets information has been reworked to make it more clear and to match the redesigned UI.

Administrator guide:

  • Settings: Each setting editing dialog now has a Help link that point the user directly to the corresponding help topic in the ADAM Administrator Guide
  • File Stores: Added documentation about the new File Stores and Volumes concept in ADAM.

    See the ADAM Administrator Guide > System configuration > File storage locations.


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