Workflow 2.0 release notes

Workflow version 2.0


  • System requirements:
  • Download package: Workflow 2.0


  •  Full redesign: Workflow 2.0 is a complete redesign of the ADAM Workflow product
  • New and improved activities:
    • Nice set of workflow activities
    • Existing activities are optimized to require less database access and allow bigger atomic operations
    • Workflow activities can now also work on multiple items instead of just a single record or classification
    • Users can now also be managed in a workflow
    • Hybrid activities that supports both manual and automatic execution
  • ADAM 5 look & feel: New ADAM 5 look and feel for the Workflow studio, with greatly improved usability and extended functionality
  • Dashboard: New operational dashboard that gives a vlear view on the status of all running tasks and processes

New features

  •  Workflow 2.0 can be installed side by side with Workflows 1.9
  • Workflow 2.0 is compatible with AgilePoint 5.0 SP4
  • An ADAM installation is no longer required on the AgilePoint server
  • Workflow studio allows bulk edits on tasks, such as reassigning tasks or canceling them
  • Clear and easy to use To Do list for users, allowing inline task completion
  • Custom workflow process parameters can now be used in searching, filtering and sorting of workflow processes

api changes


Workflow 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Workflow 1.x. Because of this, no automatic upgrade procedure is available and no custom developed solution can be migrated to Workflow 2.0

Activities comparison table

Workflow 1.9 Workflow 2.0
 Add classification  Edit record
 Remove classification  Edit record
 Add file  Edit record
 Add metadata  Edit record
 Create record  Edit record (with EditMode set to Create)
 Create classification  Edit classification (with EditMode set to Create)
 Load metadata  Read record
 Is classified in  Is classified in
 Create order  Create order
 Execute order  Execute order
 Cancel order  Cancel order
 Copy/move file  Copy/move file
 Enumeration  For each
 -  Edit user
 -  Read user
 -  Read classification
 -  Transfer classification
 Search  Search
 Approval  Choice
 Choice  Choice
 Edit in Asset Studio  Edit record (without an EditTemplate)
 Edit metadata  Edit record (with an EditTemplate)
 Pick user  Pick user
 -  Pick user group
 Upload file  Upload file
 -  Delete classification
 -  Delete record
 -  Delete user
Set milestone (no alternative - milestones are replaced by the new operational dashboards)

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