ADAM 5.0.2 release notes

ADAM version 5.0


  • System requirements:
  • Download package: Adam 5.0.2

New features

  • Registered assemblies can now reference other registered assemblies
  • Script info objects now can specify pre-init scripts as well


 Items added in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM.

  • The login url for studios (except for Central) has changed to ~/StudioSelector (previously it was ~/StudioSelectorLogin)
  • AdamContext now checks whether the EndRequest has passed before resolving the ADAM application. If so, an error gets thrown.
  • The RecordActionHelper.IsDownloadAllowed now has two extra parameters: assetType and targetType
  • Record link editor now outputs a bit different HTML (surrounding A-HREF)
  • Web.config: the attribute name "logOffUrl" of AdamAuthenticationConfiguration has changed to "windowsAuthenticationLogOffUrl"
  • Web.config: studios now need to be configured with authentication mode set to None, and authorization should deny all unauthenticated users,
    • e.g.(<authentication mode="None"> <forms loginUrl="~/StudioSelector" /> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users="?" /> </authorization>)
  • Improvements to the import/export framework in terms of stability and usability.
  • Improvements to the change tracking and publish/subscribe framework to improve usability, stability and easier deployment.
  • Displays now have a Translator property to enable translations
  • Preview display has been updated
  • XML setting now uses XML area to display setting value
  • Configure setting now displays the default value as well
  • It is now possible to setup Central to allow both Windows Authentication and FormsAuthentication
  • New UI for lists and links and search results and permission editors
  • New typeface used in Central, Assets and System
  • The owner of a basket is now displayed in the search collection page of asset studio
  • When an administrator is looking at the about-box, he will see a link to the AdamAdmin.axd page (regardless whether it exists or not)
  • Assemblies registered in the database can now reference other assemblies which are also registered in the database.
  • The ImporterSettings.Commit property is now obsolete and has been replaced by the ImporterSettings.SaveOnImport property.
  • The Importer.Progress event is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Importer.ItemImported event.
  • The ClassificationHelper.GetIds method now has an overload with "out bool isLastPage"

fixed bugs (Customer)

  •  535: Fixed an issue with XML-serialized field storage
  • 572: NullReferenceException when duplicating record
  • 4658: Retried and resubmitted maintenance jobs now have the same value for the DisableNotification property as their originating maintenance jobs.
  • 4671: Added a new rule execution trigger to allow custom validation errors to occur in a rule.
  • 4678: Added support for EMF thumbnails in the Office 2007 media engine.
  • 4704: The .sessionTimeout setting is no longer a site setting. This setting was erroneously marked as a Site setting.
  • 4766: Fixed issue with new File Id of a file not being exported
  • 4773: Paging was broken in the Classification permissions page in System.

fixed bugs (Customer)


  • The InssuficientsRights page now can display "Insufficient rights to search a ..."
  • An error occurred when the originating element of an tooltip no longer existed, but needed to be hidden
  • Exporting a label change never included the language id
  • Now allowing built-in administrator to take over session in the grace period
  • Fixed an issue causing the importer to execute an object deletion even when the
  • SaveOnImport (formerly Commit) property is set to false
  • The locked-out check box in the edit page of a user in System did not trigger the Save button enabled state
  • When using Internet Explorer earlier than version 9, hitting the ENTER key does not log on at the log-in page
  • You can now perform a search without the need to select a search context first
  • Fixed a bug when adding new files to records with existing files using the import/export framework.
  • The basket membership editor did a wrong validation for MUPA_Target availability
  • The list display base class did not allow to alter the generated controls
  • The RecordListDisplay and RecordThumbnailDisplay did not allow to custom-implement resolving the data-item.
  • The field builders could not be used "for a named" field (via web.config)
  • Plug-ins can now be called on a specific server
  • PageMessages does a delete of an expand attribute on a DOM element, which is not supported on IE7
  • Buttons must be in a SPAN, not a DIV for layouting in IE7
  • Manage classification button is now a hyperlink for styling input.button elements cant have a min-width in IE7
  • SelectionManager: there was a syntax error in tooltip
  • Alignment of 'save' button in config studio
  • Small UI issue with read-only check box since style update
  • Validate if the user has the correct rights to configure a setting
  • Page size, Sort and Display were not translatable
  • Assets Thumbnail and List views are now translated
  • Fixed a UI issue with field view in list view of records
  • Fixed script issues with tool tips (in IE7)
  • Added the forgotten "duplicate record" action to Assets
  • Fixed an issue causing errors while creating Role settings
  • Unable to use absolute URLs in the Studio Menus
  • Download of additional files not always available
  • The display item and the thumbnail item did perform databinding twice
  • The FacetSearchManager did not take into account that the result of a facet search can return an empty list. The search expression built on such an empty list threw an exception.
  • Now, the search gets canceled in such cases
  • The menu group did not add new items at the correct place in the UI when a title has been set on the group
  • Model validators did not take ExceptionHandled into account
  • The Create Job page did not properly handle failed status (and others)
  • Assets now takes into account that basket names are not unique
  • Baskets are now called "Collections" in the URL
  • Bug that became visible when editing a setting in config studio: when the validation error framework needed to set the indicator key, UNDEFINED was passed along which resulted in malfunctioning of the framework. Both fixed the undefined and passing undefined.
  • The classification space did not properly checked whether the classification existed
  • The Importer always saves imported objects, even when ImporterSettings.Commit property is set to false.
  • Using the Exporter without the using-clause no longer throws an ObjectDisposedException.
  • The Id property of ADAM objects can no longer be disabled from the export.
  • The release.config may not contain .WOFF static content (for windows 2012 server)
  • Facet count is incorrect when combining ClassificationExplicitFacet filters with OptionListFieldFacet filters.
  • Fixed "Full text queries not supported" exception on manually parsed search expression that contain "* AND Foo" or "* OR Bar"
  • Paging and filtering was locked in (amongst others) the Administrators permissions page.
  • The FacetSearchManager is now capable accepting a DataSourceID after the Init stage of the page life cycle.
  • Login-redirection did not always work
  • Validation messages in the validation tooltip were added, not updated (which resulted in having the same validation message multiple times)
  • When the FacetSearchManager encounters an exception during searching, we redirect the event to the actual data source, so page developers can implement error handling the way the are used to.


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