Videos 1.1 release notes

Videos version 1.1


  • System requirements:
  • Download package: Videos 1.1



  • ADAM Core upgrade: ADAM 5 compliant
  • Studio integration with ADAM Collaboration: From the Videos studio as user can create review and approval ADAM Collaboration projects on videos and video packages. The user can also view the project status from within the Videos studio.
  • User Interface enhancements: Introduced a home page with configurable widgets
  • User Interface enhancements: Extended the search page with extra faceted search capabilities
  • Extended ADAM integration: A user can make a still available towards other ADAM applications
  • Extended ADAM integration: A user can select audio tracks and subtitles from the ADAM repository
  • Enhanced YouTube publication: A user can set the video package privacy setting on YouTube. He can choose between Public, Unlisted and Private.


 Items marked in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of Videos.

  • Tree view icons adapted to make the user interface more intuitive
  • Improved the logging of some processes
  • Improved the resolution for video packages

Fixed bugs (Customer)

  • 10481: Special Characters in video package title weren't displayed properly when published on YouTube
  • 10490: Unselect of audio track and subtitle wasn't working properly to support preview
  • 10492: Couldn't clear the end date of a publication

documentation changes

 User Guide:

  • Added a section on how to manage ADAM Collaboration
  • Extended the UI structure description to enable the user get a better understanding about the user interface composition

Administrator Guide:

  • Added section on how to configure the home page
  • Added section on how to configure facets
  • Described a new setting for the Video Rendition Preview settings


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