SharePoint Connector 3 released

SharePoint Connector version 3.0

We are proud to announce the release of the new ADAM SharePoint Connector 3, redesigned to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

The new Connector closes the gap between Microsoft SharePoint and the ADAM Engine. Rather than straddling the two systems, SharePoint Connector has been built right into the heart of SharePoint so users never leave their familiar comfort zone when they want to access ADAM-stored digital assets.

Using ADAM SharePoint Connector, your familiar Microsoft SharePoint workspace becomes the viewer for all your files of any type, including graphics, video, Adobe® InDesign®, etc.
Record searching, browsing, viewing, editing and downloading are easily accessible, while maintaining the granular security as set up in ADAM: only the right people see the right assets.

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    Samer Bahadur Yadav

    Can you please provide or share the documentation for this connector? We want to connect the ADAM engine with SharePoint 2010.