ADAM 5.0.1 Release Notes

ADAM version 5.0


When you are upgrading from ADAM 5.0 to ADAM 5.0.1 you have to change the validationKey and decriptionKey manually in the web.config files of all studios (Assets, System and Central):

  1. Open the web.config file of each studio (e.g. C:/Adam/Studios/Assets/web.config)
  2. Replace the existing validationKey and decriptionKey with "AutoGenerate" value:

 <machineKey validationKey="AutoGenerate" decryptionKey="AutoGenerate" validation="SHA1" decryption="AES" />

new features


  • Visual Studio 2012 template are available for custom studio development


 items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions

  • When installing ADAM 5.0.1 the validationKey and decriptionKey are set to "AutoGenerate" by default

fixed bugs


  • You can't see the contents of a collection when you aren't the creator but you have permissions to see the collection
  • Cannot set security level to Administrator for Collections
  • The method "BasketHelper.GetUserIdsWithPermissions" throws an error when the user has only "read" rights (but no "modify" rights) on the collection
  • There is no way to check if a user has "modify" or "read" permissions on a collection
  • BasketCollection.Load() when using the administrator user now returns correct values
  • The e-mail field of a user can no longer contain HTML.
  • You get a crash page when you click View more when you search for a space and when you are already in a space
  • Provided better error messages
  • Widgets were vulnerable to XSS attacks
  • The preview size of videos in the dialog was small (fixed in the whole Assets studio - the same issue was also in collections)
  • Added cascade checkbox on the "Unclassify from" maintenance job action

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