ADAM 5.0 release notes

ADAM version 5.0


  • New look & feel: The ADAM studios have been fully redesigned to greatly improve their user friendliness and to make them compliant with modern web standards
    • Dynamic tables: reordering and resizing of columns, sorting, add & removing of columns
    • Navigation bar: keyboard shortcuts, type-ahead in navigation and searching, fully configurable studio menus
    • Friendly URL's
    • and much more ...
  • Search enhancements: Faceted search, type-ahead and search suggestions, ranking of search results (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Searching)
  • Publish & subscribe: Makes it possible for an ADAM environment to publish well-defined information on a schedule, to exchange assets and metadata with other subscribing ADAM environments (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Publish and Subscribe)
  • Import & export: Allows exporting, importing and exchanging data between ADAM databases (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Import - Export)
  • Change Tracking: Logs all data changes to any ADAM object (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Import - Export)
  • Warehousing: Makes ADAM data available for enterprise level reporting and analyzing tools (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Reporting)
  • Collections: Save groups of selected record for sharing and reuse (See also the ADAM User Guide > Working with collections)
  • Spaces: Defined areas in a studio that contain a subset of records, targeted for a specific audience or a specific type of data (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Spaces)
  • Widgets: Configurable blocks of information that can be used to customize different pages in ADAM studios, such as ADAM Central (See also the ADAM Administrator Guide > Using Widgets on a page)
  • Platform upgrade: ADAM 5 supports Windows Server 2012, IIS8, .NET 4.5, SQL Server 2012 and uses ASP.NET WebForms for its redesigned studios


 Items added in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions of ADAM.

  • Renamed standard studio installations to /Assets, /Central and /System. This only applies to clean installations, upgrades will keep the original virtual directory names.
  • Changed history reports to match new branding.
  • Added Severity as a search expression filter on the ApplicationLog object.
  • All web editors have been rewritten. All settings using web editors are changed and upgraded if possible.
  • Changed authentication process: authentication is done via the ADAM 5 authentication method instead of the ADAM 4 authentication method. This will allow to logon via ADAM 5 studios but it will no longer support logging on via ADAM 4 studios.
  • Changed settings that contain references to web control types (.registeredPreviewRenderWebControls, tblFileTypes.PreviewRenderWebControls, .registeredRuleConditions, .registeredRuleActions and .registeredMaintenanceActions)
  • Added an optional parameter in the Plugin class. A user can now decide its own url.
  • Added FileTransferMode for files. Files can be transferred immediate or delayed from publisher to subscriber.
  • Added functionality to import translations from path in command line and translations are now added during InstallStudio and UpgradeStudio commands.
  • Modified the upgrading process to improve upgrade performance by no longer rebuilding the cache tables when it is not required
  • The Application.LogOff() method now finishes the ADAM session even when the connection has been closed. In that case it will re-establish a connection and gracefully close the ADAM session.
  • The Eventlog now also contains the process id, process name, machine name and SPID for any log entry made by ADAM. This simplifies troubleshooting.

fixed bugs (Customer)

  •  117960: Fixed an issue causing the cleaning of the server to fail.
  • 118007: Fixed a bug preventing users from modifying the list of languages passed to a search expression, causing problems in UI and API usability.
  • 118430: The LockedOutOn search argument is now of type DateTime as it should be (it was wrongly marked as 'Boolean').
  • 119326: Role to access a file type is now properly deleted after a file type is deleted.
  • 119494: Improved performance on clean-up of the maintenance job history. Since this could be a long running task, it is now split up in batches of 5000, in order to give the server time to process other requests.
  • 119595: Fixed an issue causing the CreateDatabase command to fail when the "ADAM Service Users" role already exists in SQL Server.
  • 119661: Under some circumstances, a user could be made with the User.AddNew(User template) method that was not member of the Everyone group.
  • 119679: RecordHelper and extendedItemBase sometimes returned null from the database on the GetIds method.
  • 119783: Using preloadfields with empty field groups gives an error.
  • 119796: When removing a field definition, a maintenance job is scheduled. This maintenance job is responsible to remove the fields related to the field definition. These deletes happen in batches of 5000 in order to give the server time to process other requests.
  • 193: Changing a record link field's Link Type throws an unhandled exception.
  • 204: A concurrence issue in the cloning of the Application class (commonly used in multi-threaded applications) caused the field definition cache to threw an ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
  • 541: Roles were getting loaded too many times due to a cross joing with tblSITES in view getROLE.
  • 571: Adding a new record using a template with previews failed with "File not found".
  • 624: Fixed an issue causing the user value of the .databaseLogDetail setting not being loaded when working on cloned instances of the Application class (e.g. in multi-threaded applications).
  • 970: Fixed an optimizer exception in classification search expressions like ' IN ?'.
  • 4086: Service attempts to clean shared temporary files for cleanTarget LocalOnly.

fixed bugs

  •  Fixed an issue where some registrations would not be upgraded when specifying a list of registration names in the UpgradeServer command.
  • When searching on the InstanceCode property of a maintenance job, the performance degrades significantly when having thousands of results.
  • Fixed a bug causing an FileNameIsNotUniqueWithinFileVersion exception to be thrown when renaming a file to the same file name it already has. This was fixed on FileVersion and on AdditionalFile.
  • Fixed a bug causing maintenance actions not upgrading when using the ReplaceProvider method.
  • Fixed an issue where a numeric setting definition could be saved with a default value outside of the valid range.
  • Table hints specified in SqlStatement using SetTableHints are now also recursively passed through to inner queries. This ensures that a ReadUncommitted last(6) search expression now also applies the ReadUncommitted to the most inner table.
  • Fixed an issue in the Full-text engine where incorrect maintenance jobs were created when a classification or a record was changed and a delayed full-text update was triggered.
  • Fixed a typo in a documentation example in the "How to enable translations for a new (interface) item" section.
  • Fixed an issue in the XmlLogListener class causing the severity not being read correctly.
  • Loading a TranslationCollection with more than 2100 translations failed due to too many id's in the WHERE clause of the resulting SQL query.
  • RecordLinkField now correctly loads ModifiedOn property.
  • Module license checks now report a more user-friendly error message.
  • Saving an empty basket no longer throws an exception.
  • When creating a database creation script with the CreateDatabase command, the target directory is now automatically created.
  • In the Application.LogOn() method, String.Empty is now regarded as the default Site name (same as null, consistent with other parameters and overloads).
  • Adding a non-existent field group to a registered field group collection resulted in the wrong exception being thrown.
  • When creating a user group and providing Guid.Empty as OrganizationId, you now get a correct error message (instead of "Role ManageGroupProfilesOfOrganization is required to perform the requested operation.").
  • When setting References property of a TextFieldDefinition from TextFieldReferences.None to TextFieldReferences.None sometimes resulted in the wrong validation exception to be thrown.
  • Classification.GetLabelPaths supports no longer throws when an empty collection is specified, instead it now returns an empty collection.
  • An issue in the RunMaintenanceJobs command in the command-line tool caused a SQL Server connection to remain idle during the entire execution of the command.
  • An issue in the RunMaintenanceJobs command caused a second thread being started even with -threads=1 as an argument.
  • Removed an exclusive table lock in the MaintenanceManager class, which held a lock during selection of the next maintenance job from the queue.
  • An issue with the AllowAnonymousSetting property of the .sharedTemporaryFilesPath caused the ADAM service to fail when running the cleaning procedures.
  • Fixed a concurrence issue on FieldDefinition cache manipulations.
  • Cleanup of database constraint names and potential introduction of constraints which were not added during database upgrade process.

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