PIMS 3.2 Release Notes

PIMS version 3.2



  • Aspect management: Aspects are now fully manageable from within PIM Studio
  • Uploading products & aspects: You can upload a file in the background to instantly create a new product or aspect in PIMS
  • Drag & drop: You can now simply drag products, aspects & categories around to move, copy or reorder them
  • Searching: You get instant search suggestions while typing in the search bar and a new search results overview
  • Ordering products and aspects: You can order products and aspects from the PIMS basket
  • Basket: Full basket functionality of Asset Studio now available + possibility to download a mixed basket (products and aspects)
  • Action configuration improved: The configuration of the action references in PIM Studio has been unified and now supports hierarchical menu structures.
  • Field management: You can now add, register and remove fields on products and aspects via PIM Studio.



  • Completed product maintenance API framework.
  • Added action hierarchy concept to ADAM PIMS Web API (XML Structure to represent action references).
  • Added AspectCategory class to PIMS core API
  • Added Aspect management to PIMS Core API
  • Added Aspect management to ADAM PIMS Web API
  • Added Aspect management to PIM Studio
  • Added File Panel
  • Implemented AspectMaintenanceJobProvider, CategoryMaintenanceJobProvider & AspectCategoryMaintenanceJobProvider classes.
  • Implemented AspectCategoryGeneralPanel, AspectCategoryParentPanel and AspectCategoryTemplatePanel user control.
  • MasterTemplatePanel and ResultCatalogPanel now support AspectCategory data item (PageBuiler panel). DesignTemplatePanel and ItemGroupPanel now support Aspect data item (PageBuilder panel).
  • Extended interaction between CategoryTemplatePanel and ConfigurationOverlayManager.
  • Aspect creation can be based on an upload of a file.
  • Implemented AspectCategoryCopyAction UI action. Feature: Implemented AspectCategoryMoveAction UI action.
  • Added Upload Product and Upload Aspect UI Actions.
  • Added client-side upload queue to Browse page.
  • Implemented upload dialog in Linked items and Linked images panel (based on provider)
  • Implemented PreviewAction (dialog) UI action
  • Implemented search pages
  • Download basket
  • Download UI Action
  • Fields can be removed from products and aspects in PIM Studio
  • Add fields to products and aspects on-the-fly
  • New panels: Category Registered Fields Panel and Aspect Category Registered Fields Panel
  • PageBuilder panels now supports preview and upload of prebuilt item groups
  • Created user profile (user) setting (upload panel height, navigation panel width, recent searches, recent views, simple/advanced order mode, order presets, order delivery agent, language choice).
  • New in the ADAM PIMS Web API:
    • ToolbarActionsProviderCollection class
    • ToolbarActionsProvider base class
    • DefaultActionsProvider class
    • FormViewTemplateActionsProvider class
    • ContentViewTemplateActionsProvider class
    • OptionalFieldDataField class
    • FieldGeneratorField class
    • IFieldGeneratorField interface


 items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions

  • Implemented IXmlObject.Read and IXmlObject.Write explicitly in Reference class
  • Action framework has changed significantly:
    • Removed from ADAM PIMS Web API:
      • IActionStripActionsProvider interface
      • ActionStripActionsProvider class
      • FormViewTemplateProvider
      • ContentViewTemplateProvider
      • ActionStripActionsProviderCollection
      • ActionStripProvider class
      • ActionReferenceProvider class
      • ActionReferenceCollectionProvider class
      • ActionStrip class
      • ActionReferenceExtensions class
      • IXmlDocumentRootObject interface implementation from ActionReference class
    • Removed from the WebConfigurationManager class:
      • StudioCategoryContentCategoryActionStripSettingName constant
      • GetActions(FormViewTemplate, bool) method
      • GetActionReference(string) method
      • GetActionReferences(string) method
    • Changed in ADAM PIMS Web API:
      • Changed type of Actions property in ViewTemplate class from IEnumerable<ActionReference> to ActionHierarchyRoot
      • Renamed StudioRootCreateCategoryActionReferenceSettingName constant to StudioCategoryTreeViewActionStripSettingName in WebConfigurationManager class

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