Teamwork 1.1 Release Notes

Teamwork Studio version 1.1



  • Guest users: Project participants now have the possibility to invite external users as "guest" users into a project, without having to create a full user profile for these guests.
  • Mobile Studio: Participants can view their to do list and approve/reject projects from a mobile browser.
  • Introduction of Teams: Project creators now have the ability to group frequently used teams of users together in "teams", to make it easier to reuser the same group of approvers or reviewers when creating new projects.
  • Workflow: It is now possible to start a Teamwork project using ADAM Workflow

New features


  • Teamwork Mobile Studio
  • Guest users: Teamwork users can invite guest reviewers and those guests can view the project they're invited to and give comments
  • User preferences: each Teamwork user can change a number of settings in their user profile (their user name, password, email address and for which Teamwork events they want to receive a notification mail)
  • Teamwork can now be installed without the Studio (only the underlying structure)
  • Introduction of a Teamwork API



  • Added a progress bar for approval projects in the project overview page

documentation changes


Install guide:

  • Setup / remove structure: Installation procedure when Teamwork is installed without the Studio
  • Install Mobile Studio: Installation procedure for the Teamwork Mobile Studio
User guide:
  • Guest users: How to: invite a guest user to a project
  • Guest users: Config: how to change the default guest user account
  • Workflow: How to create a Teamwork project using the workflow building blocks
  • Teamw: How to create and use Teams in Teamwork

Developer guide:

  • New developer guide, giving an overview of the API and containing a number of common use cases with corresponding sample code

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