PIMS 3.1 Release Notes

PIMS version 3.1



  • Configuration overlay: The PIM Studio is highly customizable. A lot of elements that are visible in the user interface are bound to one or more settings, and all these settings are configuratble via the ADAM Config Studio. Now you can edit these settings by using the config overlay mode which allow the user to open the correct setting of a UI element in the Config Studio.
  • Basket: Introducing the basket functionality in PIM Studio which allows performing bulk actions on products
  • Product and category manipulation: Allows performing actions on product and categories like copy, move, promote, demote, ...
  • Inheritance Conflict Resolving: Allows you to reset and overrule fields from one dialog
  • Bulk reset and overrule: Protect entire products or even entire categories from inheritance by bulk overruling. Bulk resetting is now available as well
  • Perfomance: Various performance optimizations in PIM Studio

New features


  • Added "Inheritance Conflict Resolving" when starting or changing product inheritance
  • Added "select all" and "select none" hyperlinks in linked items and linked images dialog, which only applies on the current shown page of the dialog
  • Added "Create Maintenance Job" view to PIM Studio
  • Added PIMS-specific maintenance actions: Promote Product, Demote Product, Reset Category, Overrule Category
  • Added LinkedImagesCollection property to Adam.Pims.Core.Product, Adam.Pims.Core.Aspect and Adam.Pims.Core.Category class
  • Added Product Move, Product Copy, Category Move and Category Copy UI action
  • Added Category Overrule and Reset UI action
  • Added Product Overrule and Reset UI action
  • Added Promote and Demote Product UI action
  • Added Start and Stop Product Inheritance maintenance actions
  • Added Url property to Adam.Pims.Web.UI.Controls.NavigationManager class
  • PIM Studio now supports inline messages
  • ProductCollection now supports preloading fields (PreLoadFields = FieldGroup.PreLoadAllFields is no longer required)


 items in italic break backwards compatibility with older versions

  • Deprecated caching for providers in WebConfigurationManager class
  • Removed GetConfigurationItemsFromCachedProviders<T>(string), GetCachedConfigurationProviders<T>(string), GetCachedConfigurationProviders<T>(string) and RegisterConfigurationProvider<T>(string, ICompiledConfigurationProvider<T>) methods from
    Adam.Pims.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager class
  • Inherited field indicator now supports mixed mode
  • Changed the tooltip of an overruled field indicator to make it clearer
  • URL of home view navigation route is now required by setting definition's XSD schema
  • Moved Delete Product/Category actions down in every action references list

Fixed bugs (reported by support)


Fixed bugs


  • Adam.Pims.Core.CommandLine SetFieldInheritance allowed non-record fields
  • Default action executed from the CategoryContentView did not receive context arguments
  • Field inheritance indicator became invisible for inherited field in some cases
  • InstallStudio executable should first check if the PIMS API is installed before calling InstallStudio of ADAM
  • Internet Explorer 7 did not show the down arrow due to an overflow over the drop down button
  • PanelControls did not check Parameters collection in XSD schema of the setting definition
  • ProductSearchPluginProvider showed an error when a product has more than one category
  • Selecting an item in MultipleItemsChooser scrolls the search content to the top

documentation changes


Administrator Guide:

  • Actions: Added explanation about Promote and Demote product actions
  • Inheritance: Enhanced and extended documentation about creating inherited products
  • PageBuilder panel: Added using and configuration information for the new PageBuilder panels
  • Configuration: How to use the new Configuration overlay

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