DocMaker 3.2.1 Release Notes

DocMaker version 3.2

New features


  • Added PublishToRecord overloads to allow adding files in alias mode (API only)
  • When an InDesign file is checked in that was previously downloaded from ADAM, publication items are reconstructed from the link paths



  • Add abstract VisitorBase class as a replacement for non-abstract DefaultVisitor class. DefaultVisitor can still be used but is marked as Obsolete.

Fixed bugs (reported by support)


  • 118310: Shrink/grow of textboxes containing columns could fail with 'object is invalid' message.
  • 118356: Use visibleBounds rather than geometricBounds so we do not ignore the stroke width when moving objects to another spread.
  • 118418: Prefer to reload range after applying formatting to return since re-adding the return may result in incorrect propagation of paragraph style to next paragraph (workaround for Adobe bug).
  • 118392, 118377, 118261: Possible nullreferenceException when using grouped styles in documents (with PageBuilder 4.0).
  • 118390: When using a multi language layer, the boxes on the different layers were not correctly aligned after grow/shrink

Fixed bugs


  • When updating paragraphs from html SpaceAfter, SpaceBefore and PointSize values were sometimes incorrectly set to Dirty.

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