PageBuilder 4.1 Release Notes

PageBuilder version 4.1



  • Build UI improved: The Build Catalog, Build Item Groups and Update Catalog UI in PageBuilder Studio are reworked to add functionality (e.g. output file name specification, save build settings in different presets, etc.) See PageBuilder User Guide > Creating Publications
  • Update Catalog: A number of new options have been added to the Update Catalog wizard. It's now possible to translate content in an update, to update field and classifications labels as well and to update images along with text content.
  • Maintenance History: Added a new section to the PageBuilder Studio that shows all PageBuilder-specific Maintenance Jobs. From within this section jobs can be retried, restarted and the job report van be viewed.
  • Templates UI improved: The Templates overview has been reworked to add functionality (e.g. choose template link fields, apply master template to all sibling classifications, etc.)

New features


  • The Tag property is now also available on DocumentActions when writing custom code
  • Parameterized link fields in Build wizards
  • The field to use for linked templates in the Templates UI can now be selected
  • Added an output classification and output file name specification to the build parameters
  • Added the possibility to use patterns (classification, original base file name, field value) in output file names
  • Added new settings for PageBuilder (MaintenanceJobPriority and TemplateClassification)
  • Added a layout preview image in Build Catalog UI
  • Added an Apply to all siblings button to the Master template selection, to allow assigning the same Master template to all sibling classifications of the currently selected classification
  • Added PageBuilder specific maintenance jobs for building/updating catalogs and creating item groups
  • New classification selector
  • Improved column reordering for multi-column items during pagination
  • It is now possible to use indirect template and result fields (e.g. option list fields whose value specifies the name of the actual template field)
  • Added verbose ADAM logging statements in builders and actions so you can now follow the PageBuilder process e.g. by watching the ADAM command line console output (especially useful when something goes wrong).
  • PageBuilder Studio now contains a Maintenance History section, in which all maintenance jobs are listed that were launched for PageBuilder Jobs can be retried, filtered and opened from within the history page
  • Small changes for SaaS compliance (e.g. presets are site settings).
  • PageBuilder now supports alias mode (but you are responsible for following a sensible file naming convention)
  • New options added to the Update Catalog wizard



  • Presets settings are now used to store build parameters instead of classification fields
  • The default sort order of classifications is now stored in an ADAM setting instead of always using the classification's Sort Index (This will break backwards compatibility with older versions of PageBuilder)
  • Fields to retrieve templates and to store item groups or catalogs are now specified as build parameters instead of being configured through settings
  • You can now map multiple ADAM languages to a single InDesign language

Fixed bugs (reported by support)


  • 118207: The only restriction for resolving an autofill table is now that there is a single body row.
  • 118387: When we detect returns, we should consider adding <li> tags rather than <p> tags depending on the list type of the original paragraph.
  • 118390: When using a multi language layer, the boxes on the different layers were not correctly aligned after grow/shrink
  • 118392, 118377, 118261: Possible nullreferenceException when using grouped styles in documents
  • 118418: Paragraph style incorrectly applied to next paragraph
  • 118452: Clearer error message when a template record with no file is encountered
  • 119191: Field groups are now listed sorted in the drop down boxes in the Build Item Groups and Build Catalog pages.
  • 119195: Added missing pin image to Mac installer
  • 119224: Field groups and field definitions should not be cached statically but in session (different users may have different permissions).
  • 119248: Elements from ItemGroups were not moved in the correct order to the Master template

Fixed bugs


  • PageBuilder link fields should not be indexed (or full text indexed) by default.

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