ADAM 4.7 Release Notes

ADAM version 4.7




  • Fields: Language subset selection added for multilingual fields.
  • Searching: Search expression optimization in ADAM automatically optimizes a submitted search expression
  • Performance: Record search optimization by caching record security information.

New features


  • The Adam.Core.DatabaseManager.exe CreateDatabase command now supports emitting a SQL Server
    script instead of directly creating the database.
  • Internal restructuring of field value storage for performance improvements.
  • Allow choice of id generation strategies (i.e. clientside or serverside generated sequential GUIDs)
  • Optimize record security checking performance by using caches.
  • Multi-language fields now support selecting which languages are actually available for the field.



  • Default LockMode for helper class methods is now ReadUncommitted
  • Storage quota are now calculated outside of the database transaction when saving records. Previously,
    the storage quota were calculated in the same transaction, which led to deadlocks and locks
    when running many indexers simultaneously.
  • FieldReader no longer throws an exception if fields are read without a corresponding file, which could
    happen when reading using the READUNCOMMITED isolation level. Instead these fields are now

Fixed bugs (reported by support)


  • 115967: ImageGlue crashed during the indexing of an eps file
  • 117300: Upgraded to newer version of Xceed ZIP library to circumvent an issue with the default MacOS
    Archive Utility believing the ordered ZIP files were corrupted.
  • 117399: When executing the ActivateDatabase or InstallStudio commands, a timeout exception will no
    longer be thrown when the usp_RebuildSettingsCache stored procedure takes longer than 30
  • 117521: Copy previews and thumbnails location from template when applying a record template.
  • 117642: When opening a connection, the default transaction isolation level is now set to "READ COMMITTED".
    Before, subsequent connections reusing a pooled connection used the isolation level
    that was in effect at the time the connection was pooled.
  • 117919: ImageGlue crashes with a memory exception when generating a preview on certain PDF files
  • 118121: The XMP media engine now extracts the correct preview from Adobe CS5 files.
  • 118134: 16-bit images couldn???t be processed by MDK
  • 118135: When loading objects using the ADAM API, the LockMode property is now correctly propagated
    to the child collections.
  • 118172: The proxy media engine timed out on operations longer than about five minutes. This was due
    to a default timeout that was not overridden.
  • 118276: "Use References" is now correctly serialized when using the OverwriteFieldAction maintenance

Fixed bugs


  • RecordLink fields now listen to "Change Field Values of Field Group"-role.
  • The ADAM SDK assemblies are now registered in the "Add Reference..." dialog in Visual Studio
  • When an Application instance is cloned, the internal data caches used for loading field definitions
    are now properly cleared, solving a concurrency issue in multi-threaded environments.
  • API documentation on DynamicOptionCollection.CreateSearchExpression was missing
  • Now passing HTTP context information to the Media Engine Host service.
  • Upgrade to MDK 1.5.10 to fix licensing problem on 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Enable searching SettingCategory based on criteria on child settings.
  • Corrected a validation message for the Field class (in "The field's value does pass the custom
    validation routine.", "does" should've been "doesn't").
  • Added new constructor overloads for the Time struct.
  • Order reference variable PLATFORMMACOS9 was not spelled correctly.
  • No exception was thrown when trying to save a record that was loaded using preloaded fields
    or languages.

documentation changes


Administrator guide:

  • System Configuration: How to set up and configure record security caching - see Record Security Caching
  • Searching: Information about search expression optimization has been added to the Searching Guidelines

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    Elena Falgueras del Álamo

    The link to the download package seems to be broken. Any Mirror?

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    Hi Elena, in the meantime we provided you with the package on ftp. I hope that satisfied the needs! Kr, ADAM Support Team.