Callout: Are you looking for time based meta-data ?

Are you looking for 'timed specific meta-data' capabilities?

Well we are working on it NOW and we are looking for some challengers!

If you are in need for timed meta data on e.g. videos. We would love to learn more about your use cases.

e.g. What is the type of time dependant meta-data you need to store on assets? Do we need to take into consideration overlapping timed information? What are the search expectations? Based on what criteria would you need to find this content?

Please comment to this message to get our dialog going.
Petra & Ida

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    Josh Ellyson

    We are excited to hear about this potential new feature. As we see the growth of video as a training medium, the need for these extended features grows in value.

    We would have two basic scenarios.

    Sequential Cue Points - Because we have implemented the custom code offered by ADAM for Video Clips, the ability to place predefined cue points that the users could utilize to quickly generate specific clips would be extremely valuable. Ideally, these cue points could also have a searchable name.

    Annotation Cue Points - Because our content is created by teams, there is real value to be able to place annotations within the time line that would be tagged to the user along with a short text field entry. This is perhaps more than could be done, especially since this capability, though in a more robust manner, can be found in Collaboration. But if in Assets, users could insert a user-stamped cue point, this would be a step in the right direction for us.

    Search - The greater search need lies with the second scenario, in which users may want to find all video assets in which a specific ADAM user has commented. Depending on how cue point names or descriptions could be implemented, then being able to search on those values would also have value. In our case, searching on the cuepoints as a pure timeline value likely would not be heavily used.

    Hope this helps move the conversation along.