Taking the ADAM Community to the Next Level

Hi all,

you may have noticed we have been working on our Community program, with the launch of ADAM Extensions as the first step in this journey. 
Our next step is to facilitate the conversation among Community members, that includes our customers and partners, and ourselves.
We have therefore made the Community section and a few of our Knowledge Base forums publicly available in our ADAM Support site.
This will help us all more easily share information and solutions across the ADAM Community.
In keeping with making information more accessible and helping our community to share ideas, problems and solutions, we have also made articles about our latest release ADAM 5.5 available in the ADAM Community. 

If you already have a Knowledge Base account, you can post your own articles, questions and ideas to the Community. We urge you to go ahead and contribute and start connecting with thousands of ADAM professionals around the globe. If you don’t yet have a Knowledge Base account, what are you waiting for? Register today!

Looking forward to the conversations in the ADAM Community.

Best regards,

the ADAM Services team

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