Introducing ADAM 5.5 and Products 4.3

Hi all,

we are proud to announce ADAM 5.5 and Products 4.3.

ADAM 5.5 is a major redesign of Search and features now Elastic Search for record and classification searches.
The integration with Elastic Search improves search scalability drastically and reduces stress on the SQL server database.

ADAM 5.5 offers at the same time new and improved search-oriented features, such as:

  • Redesigned facets making facets easier to use, more performant and more available
  • Search optimization with synonyms, word variations, suggestions, stemming, partial search
  • Search logging
  • Saved views
  • User friendly UI configuration
  • ....and much more

We also introduce the first version of the ADAM REST API. The first version aims to cover functionality needed in integration scenarios.

Last but not least, ADAM 5.5 adds native support for cloud storage options, such as Azure SQL and Azure File services and support to build your own storage connectors.

Discover this exciting release:

Best regards,

the ADAM Services team

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