ADAM 5.5 Globally available

We are proud to announce that ADAM 5.5, including Workflow, Collaboration, Products, Creative Cloud Sync and Videos, is now globally available.

ADAM 5.5 introduced a major redesign of search features and uses Elasticsearch for all record and classification searches. The integration with Elasticsearch drastically improves search performance and scalability and reduces stress on the SQL server database.

  • ADAM 5.5 includes new and improved search-related features, such as:
  • Redesigned facets making them easier to configure, more performant and they can also be attached to the Browse, Search and Collection pages in ADAM Assets.
  • Search optimization with synonyms, word variations, suggestions, stemming and partial search
  • Search logging
  • Saved views (aka saved searches)
  • User friendly configuration pages
  • Permissions configuration can now be done in a single interface for all classifications
  • ADAM REST API that aims to cover functionality needed in integration scenarios.
  • Native support for cloud storage options, such as Azure SQL and Azure File services, and support to build your own storage providers.
  • Workflow
    • Runs on Agilepoint 5 R2 SP1
    • Activities that search for records and classifications use Elasticsearch
    • Basic changes made to records and classifications bypass the synchronization service and are pushed directly to Elasticsearch
  • Products studio and workflow activities use Elasticsearch for searching.
  • Collaboration studio and workflow activities use Elasticsearch for searching.
  • Videos uses Elasticsearch for searching
  • Creative Cloud Sync uses Elasticsearch for searching

Discover this exciting release:

Read all details on the release of each product in the ADAM 5.5.1 suite in the respective Release Notes:

Learn about how to plan for a smooth transition in Plan to upgrade to ADAM 5.5. Looking for a training near you? In case you don't find what you are looking for, please contact

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