Launch of ADAM Knowledge Base and Forum

ADAM Software is proud to announce the launch of two new initiatives to grow expertise and share knowledge of ADAM products - the ADAM Knowledge Base and the ADAM Forum.

The ADAM Knowledge Base will contain a list of common questions and problems, and their answers. ADAM will be keeping the Knowledge Base up-to-date and expanding it as questions come in. We hope it's going to prove a great resource for customers and partners looking for quick answers and deeper knowledge of ADAM products.

The ADAM Forum is where you as ADAM users, developers, administrators, etc. can collaborate, share knowledge, and participate in discussions. ADAM employees will actively participate in the Forum, but we can't make it a success without your help. So why not join in and show off your knowledge of our platform, share tips and tricks, and discuss features that you feel will make our platform even better.

On a side note: our Support Portal ( remains the only channel to submit your 3rd tier support tickets. That also is the only channel that is bound to an SLA.

In the next couple of days you'll receive an email inviting you to register at Once you've done that, you'll get access to our new Knowledge Base and Forum.

We sincerely hope you will benefit from this new channel, and it will help you to increase and share your knowledge of the ADAM platform.

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