Products 4.5.1 Release Notes

Products version 4.5.1



  • Compatibility
    Products 4.5.1 is now compatible with ADAM 5.8.


  • 7104
    In Internet Explorer 11, thumbnails were not visible in a Linked images dialog if it was opened
    a second time.

  • 9162
    Field value inheritance was broken for required fields when the Inherited field permission
    was set to Write or None.

  • 10098
    Submitting a download order with an FTP Resort as destination failed because of a validation

  • 10248
    Using the Add filter results to selection action in the Action menu only added the first page
    of the filter results instead of all the filter results.

  • 10070
    Built-in Products fields were not editable, even those that should be. Now only these system
    fields are read-only:

    • PIMS_ProductLabel
    • PIMS_ProdImages
    • PIMS_ParentProd
    • PIMS_ProductCat
    • PIMS_ProdInhInfo

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