Release notes ADAM 5.8

ADAM version 5.8



These are the major new features and changes in ADAM.

  • As a content contributor you can now enhance metadata while files are still uploading to ADAM, and even set content to be automatically available once the file upload is successful. The status messages for uploads have been made a lot clearer.
  • As an ADAM administrator you'll see improved stability and indexing performance of Enterprise Search. Indexing is now up to 60% faster.
  • ADAM is more secure: This release went through an extensive security verification by an external auditing party.


  • Moving a complex classification structure with a large number of linked records and/or child classifications can be very slow.
  • The loading spinner on the My uploads page keeps running endlessly when a file upload in ADAM Assets fails. Workaround: the correct status is shown in the Upload files dialog, where the file can be uploaded again using the Retry upload button.
  • The Retry upload button in the Upload files dialog does not respond when a file upload in ADAM Assets has failed in the finalization stage. Workaround: the file can be deleted from the Upload files dialog and then uploaded again.
  • When a user's My uploads page in ADAM Assets refreshes automatically because of a status change in the Upload files dialog, the My uploads page also refreshes automatically for other users.
    The My uploads page in ADAM Assets is corrupted when switching between pages during a bulk delete of all records. Refreshing the page solves the issue.
  • The My uploads page in ADAM Assets refreshes automatically after a record is deleted on it or when the user returns to it from a record's Edit page.
  • A video file is not visible in ADAM Assets if another file was attached to the record while the video file upload was in progress.
  • ETL: modifying the linked items in a record link field that is marked as required is not possible. A workaround is to clear the option This is a required field in the field definition of the record link field.
  • Enterprise search: the red progress bar can disappear if the Enterprise Search guide page is manually refreshed during indexing. This is a visual issue only, and the progress indicator will return when its status is updated by the sync service.


File uploads in ADAM Assets:

  • A new Uploads drop-down list in the navigation bar provides direct links to the Upload files dialog and the My uploads overview.
  • On the My uploads overview it is now possible to edit the metadata of an asset while
    its file upload is still in progress.
  • The My uploads overview now shows the status of an asset and suggested actions for
    the user (e.g. edit metadata, make available).
  • The My uploads overview refreshes automatically when a file's status changes in the
    Upload files dialog.
  • The actions drop-down list in the My uploads overview has been replaced with Edit
    and Delete buttons.
  • The user can now navigate from the Upload files dialog to the My Uploads overview
    at all times.


  • The Adam.Core.DatabaseManagerForms.exe tool has been removed. You can still view and
    edit the ADAM config files using another XML editor or Notepad.
  • The class SqlFunctionHelper is no longer publicly available for use in custom code.
  • SQL Server 2008 is no longer supported.
  • The Media Engine Host services are no longer available.
  • Microsoft Silverlight to is no longer supported.
  • The setting .enterpriseSearchImportClassificationCacheSize has been removed because the classification import process has been reworked
  • The PowerCollections namespace in the Core API has been refactored.
    The following classes are marked obsolete and will be removed in a coming version:
    - OrderedDictionary, use SortedList instead.
    - OrderedBag, use C5.TreeBag instead.
    - Set, use HashSet instead.
    The following classes have been reimplemented and might show different behavior:
    - Pair.
    - MultiDictionary. This collection no longer supports duplicate values for a single key.
    The following classes were removed:
    - Triple, use Tuple instead.
    - ReadOnlyDictionary, use the same class in System.Collections.ObjectModel instead.
    The Algorithm class has been stripped to only contain the following methods:
    SearchForSubsequence, EqualCollections, EqualSets and SplitInBatches.
    All other types and methods not mentioned have been removed because they were not used in ADAM. These include: Bag, BigList, Comparers, Deque, Hash, OrderedMultiDictionary, OrderedSet, RedBlack and any other ReadOnly wrappers.


  • Record inheritance sneak peek: the foundation for the new inheritance system was started.
    You can configure, manage, and view inheritance information for text & option list fields in
    ADAM Systems and the REST API.
  • Extra SQL injection countermeasures were implemented.
  • XML External Entity References (XXE) are now restricted when handling XML settings or
  • The default value of the .timeToKeepSearchLog setting has been updated to 50 days instead
    of 400 days.
  • The Storage mode options in a field definition have been reworded to make them more
    clear, so that users also know what the impact on searching is.
  • The default value for the .enterpriseSearchImportRecordCacheSize setting was changed
    from 5 000 to 50 000.
  • A new setting has been added: .enterpriseSearchImportPackageSize, next to the existing
    setting .enterpriseSearchSyncPackageSize. This setting allows you to store a different
    package size for the Enterprise search import and the synchronization processes.
  • The Elasticsearch time-out limit has increased from 2 to 5 minutes. If a time-out occurs, the
    action will retry once and raise an exception in case of a second time-out. A warning is logged
    when actions take more than 1 minute.
  • ETL: it is now possible to create a new record that contains a record link or record list field,
    and where that field references a record that doesn't (yet) exist in ADAM. The new record will
    be created, but the referenced item will not be added to the link/list field, and the issue will
    also be logged in the ETL log.
  • Enterprise Search: the calculations behind the progress bar, indicating the status of a search
    index (re)build process, have been reworked to make the progress bar more reliable.


  • 9698, 9773, 10288, 9045, 10328, 10357, 10418
    Certain columns on the My Uploads page in ADAM Assets did not work well with sorting and filtering. These options have now been disabled for those columns.
  • 8883, 9308, 10145
    The ADAM cleaning routine completely stopped when an error occurred.
  • 8885, 9198
    Linking a record to classifications where the user has Read access but not Classify, resulted in a non-friendly error message and all classifications being removed from the list of selected classifications.
  • 8909, 9308
    'Cleaning of server has failed' error message was logged as error message, while warning level
    is more appropriate
  • 9266, 9006
    The revision history of PhotoShop files is no longer extracted into ADAM, leading to performance improvements for these files.
  • 9340
    When changing the order of the children in a record link field with One Parent/Many Children or One Parent/One Child relationships, a validation error occurred and the record could not be saved.
  • 9372
    Moving classifications with a large number of linked records and/or child classifications could cause an AggregateException
  • 9668
    When the file name in General Version Information was updated to the same file name but with different casing, the file was deleted from the repository.
  • 9923
    When unlinking a record from a classification, the list of fields in that record was not updated.
  • 9977
    When determining which records to index as child records, too much information was returned from Elasticsearch, causing too much network traffic overhead.
  • 10077
    The MDK clipping path extension required manual upgrade steps when upgrading ADAM.
  • 10156
    The XML for the current version of a file in a record was not displayed correctly if it had more than one version.
  • 10185, 10270
    Ordering files through satellites could cause a timeout when the satellite took a lot of time compressing the files. The default limit has been increased to 30 minutes and is now also configurable in the .satelliteProcessTimeout setting.
  • 10192
    Download orders created using a custom order provider did not appear on the Downloads overview page.
  • 10298
    An error in a SQL upgrade script caused the upgrade to ADAM 5.7.1 and 5.8 to fail for Azure SQL databases
  • All ADAM services had the same description in Task Manager.
  • It was not possible to scroll through the filter panel of a space when using Mozilla Firefox in ADAM Assets.
  • When adding an image to an OptionList field a user could get access to files in the ADAM working folder.
  • It was not possible to use the main database administrator as serviceSqlUser for Azure SQL databases.
  • Empty field values are no longer stored in the search index when the storage mode is set to Non-empty values.
  • Sometimes invalid Unique identifier indexes remained in Elasticsearch after the sync service was stopped or killed during a cache rebuild. Invalid Unique Identifier indexes are now cleaned up when rebuilding the unique identifier cache.
  • When upgrading ADAM to 5.7, empty guide pages could appear because of a missing section
    in the web.config file of ADAM System Studio.
  • ETL: using a forward slash "/" was not supported in a classification name


  • Field group permissions were not taken into account when loading fields for a record.
  • If a change was made to a classification, this change was not correctly applied to child documents when rebuilidng the search index.

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